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Harley Davidson Logo History

Updated on May 8, 2011

History of the Harley Davidson Logo

Have you ever wondered about the Harley Davidson Logo? Let's take a look back at the history of the Harley Davidson Logo. From the very first Harley Davidson Logo to the current Harley Davidson Logo. We will check out changes, meanings and the full history of the Harley Davidson Logo.

Harley Davidson Founders
Harley Davidson Founders

The Founders of Harley Davidson

The Men Who Started it All!

It was 1901 when a young man, barely the age of 21, dreamed up a unique motor that would change the world. That young man was William S. Harley. The motor was a 7.07 (116cc) cubic inch small engine used to power a bicycle. For the next two years, William Harley and his long time friend Arthur Davidson would tinker with their small engine powered pedal bicycle. Then in 1903, William, Arthur, Henry Melk, and Walter Davidson began improving their engine design and came up with a larger engine that had more power. It was this new engine that would go into the very first Harley Davidson prototype motorcycle.

On September 8, 1904, the first Harley Davidson motorcycle competed in a

All Image Credit: Wikipedia

Milwaukee motorcycle race held at State Fair Park. The motorcycle was ridden by Edward Hildebrand and came in fourth place. This is the first documented appearance of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle in the historical record.

History of the Harley Davidson Logo - The first Harley Davidson Logo was created in 1910

First Harley Davidson logo
First Harley Davidson logo

The Harley Davidson Logo is widely known as the "Bar and Shield" logo.

Harley Davidson made their logo famous by licensing their logo for all sorts of products and merchandise. (about USD 41 million income in 2004).

Unique Harley Davidson Logos

Each Harley Davidson dealership has its own personalized shop logo that sets it apart from every other dealership in the world

Harley Davidson 50th Anniversary Logo - To celebrate 50 years, Harley Davidson used this logo

Harley Davidson 50th Anniversary Logo
Harley Davidson 50th Anniversary Logo

In 1953, Harley Davidson celebrated 50 years of being leaders in motorcycle production. To celebrate such a historic milestone, Harley Davidson issued this anniversary logo design.

Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary Logo - 1903 - 2003 marked 100 years for Harley Davidson

harley davidson 100th anniversary logo
harley davidson 100th anniversary logo

In 2003, Harley Davidson celebrated their 100th anniversary with a special logo to commemorate the historic event. The 100th anniversary Harley Davidson logo featured the classic Bar and Shields logo with decorative wings underneath. 1903 on the left side and 2003 on the right side with big 100 underneath. This was one of my favorite anniversary logos from Harley Davidson.

Harley Davidson 100 Years 1903 - 2003 - The Ultimate Machine 100th Anniversary Edition 1903-2003

Harley Davidson 105th Anniversary Logo
Harley Davidson 105th Anniversary Logo

Harley Davidson 105th Anniversary Logo

105 Years Anniversary Logo from Harley Davidson

In 2008, Harley Davidson put 105 candles on their birthday cake! To celebrate building motorcycles for 105 years, Harley Davidson changed their logo design. Setting their bar and shield logo inside a circle with a set of wings.

Take a look at how Harley Davidson celebrated their 105 Year Anniversary

The Dyna Fat Bob, the Rocker and the Rocker C were available in limited-edition 105th Anniversary styling.

Harley Davidson Logo on Amazon - Buy a gift that features the Harley Davidson Logo

Have any good Harley Davidson stories? - Share them below please!

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      442johnl 3 years ago

      Love learning new stuff Especially when it comes to Harley Davidson.

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      Great lens. I like anything Harley

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      I have extended family members that are fans of anything Harley. I just enjoy reading history. Thanks for sharing this interesting info on the Harley Logos! Blessed!

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      anyone know the when & why on the HD logo of eagle grabbing the bar & shield logo why they changes the eagle from looking right to looking left?

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      JessicaJohn 5 years ago

      It is really informative post to know about Harley Davidson's logo history, before read this post i was unaware about it.

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      Brilliantly written history. Excellent topic you have chosen.

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      great lens on Harley's - really interesting read.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      My Dad bought a Harley in 1965, Had it painted purple with white pinstripes. Sharp ass bike. Mom made her and dad outfits to wear while on Motorcycle runs. Purple vest and pants, purple plaid shirt, purple tie. then they had black leather belts and boots and of course to top it off helmets to match the bike. My oldest brother is a year older than I am and when he turned 14, (in Vegas at that time you could get motorcycle license at 14) Mom made him a matching outfit. My turn was the next year and of course I got mine too. They had mine and my brothers helmet painted to match the Harley. We would stand up as a family at the runs and we won many trophies for the best dressed family. I even won one at 15 years old for best dressed female. It was the time of our lives (mine anyway). I am now 58 yrs old. Not able to ride anymore because of my health. Mom and dad have long since stopped riding. My Brother now has the Harley and still goes on runs. I am very happy for him. The bike is running very good after years of loving maintenance. Not bad for a bike that is 46 years old.

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      Not any good stories from me, but I think your lens has interesting information about Harley Davidson logo(s). Thanks for sharing :)

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      Legacy is invested on the things that are of vital aspect to the company. This may include the value that you give to the quality of products and services that you offer to your customers of varying cultures and values, as well. One major factor that a certain product or service stands still through the test of time is the fact that they have this powerful logo design that captures the attitudes and emotions of the people.

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