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The history of the internal combustion engine

Updated on December 12, 2016

Jerk in the history of the cars was driven by an internal combustion engine to the invention. This device has become the real driving force, giving the speed.

Attempts to create a device similar to an internal combustion engine, began in the 18th century. Creating a device that would convert fuel energy into mechanical, many inventors engaged.

The first in this area were brothers Niepce of France. They came up with a device that called themselves "pireolofor". The fuel for this engine was to be used coal dust. However, the present invention has not been scientifically recognized, and there was, in fact, only in the drawings.

The first successful engine that was sold, was the internal combustion engine of the Belgian engineer JJEtienne Lenoir. Year of birth of this invention - 1858. It was a two-stroke engine with electric spark ignition and carburetor. The fuel for the device served as coal gas. However, the inventor did not realize the need for lubrication and cooling of your engine, so he worked for a short time. In 1863, Lenoir reworked its engine - added the missing systems and as a fuel introduced into the use of kerosene.

The device was extremely imperfect - becomes very hot, inefficient use of lubricant and fuel. However, with him went three-wheeled vehicles, which have also been far from perfect.

In 1864 it was invented by a single-cylinder petrol engine powered by petroleum combustion. The inventor Siegfried Marcus began, he presented to the public as a vehicle to reach speeds of 10 miles per hour.

In 1873, another engineer - George Brighton - was able to construct a 2-cylinder engine. Initially he worked on kerosene, and later on gasoline. The disadvantage of this engine was excessive massiveness.

In 1876 there was a breakthrough in the industry of the internal combustion engine. Nicholas Otto for the first time created a technically sophisticated device, which efficiently convert fuel energy into mechanical energy.

Nicholas Otto
In 1883, a Frenchman Edouard Delamare develops motor drawing, which serves as fuel for the gas.However, his invention existed only on paper.

1185 in automotive history comes a big name - Gottlieb Daimler . He was not only able to invent, but also to start production of the prototype of the modern gas engine - with vertical cylinders and carburetor. It was the first compact engine, which also contributed to the development of decent movement speed.

In parallel with the creation of Daimler cars and engines worked Karl Benz .

In 1903, Daimler and Benz companies merged, giving rise to high-grade automotive company. Thus began a new era, will serve to further improve the internal combustion engine.


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