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Heated Car Seat Covers - 12V Seat Warmer Pads For Cars and Trucks

Updated on July 3, 2013

Find The Best Heated Seat Pad For Your Vehicle

There's nothing worse than getting into your car on a freezing cold day and sitting there shivering whilst you wait for the heater to kick in. If you're one of the 'lucky' ones with leather or vinyl seats then you'll know how sitting down on these can be quite an unpleasant shock each morning as they can feel like sitting on an ice block until they warm up. Heated car seat covers are designed to slip over most vehicle seats to provide a warm cushioned surface which starts to provide warmth immediately and doesn't shock you with cramping coldness when you sit down. These cushioned car seat warming pads plug into your 12V port to provide almost instant warmth, some reaching their maximum temperature in less than two minutes, without having to wait for the engine to warm up before your heater can kick in.

Once you've experienced the unmitigated joy of settling into a car with a heated seat cover on a cold winter's day you'll never be without one again. Vehicle manufacturers charge a pretty penny for built in heated butt warmers in new cars and if yours never came with the option, installing aftermarket seat warmers can be time consuming if you do it yourself and expensive too, more so if you choose have them professionally installed. If your car didn't come with pre-installed butt warming pads, then heatable car seat covers can be a godsend during those cold winter months.

Heated seat cushions for cars and automobiles can also negate the need for investing in a remote started kit if your main reason for buying one is to get the engine warmed up so you can get the heater on fast once you leave the house. Remote starters are nice, but can be expensive to install which for most of us, is the way we have to go rather than fiddle around with complicated automobile electronics. A car seat warmer starts to provide warmth the moment you plug it in with a good model reaching its full temperature in less than 2 minutes flat, far faster than your vehicle's heater and it'll save you gas too which would otherwise be burned whilst the vehicle sits idling.

People don't just buy heated car seat cushions for warmth in winter however, as one of their major uses is to provide relief for the aching joints and muscles which typically accompany long periods behind the wheel or stuck in the passenger seat of any motor vehicle. If you travel a lot, or just suffer from back and muscle pain in general, then a 12V car seat cover which heats up is exactly what you need to sooth away the aches and pains of a road trip.

Recommended Heated Car Seat Cushions

A good heated car seat cushion cover will provide you many long years of additional warmth right where you need it. A great one, also features a massage function to really loosen up you back muscles on those long car journeys. You can buy a decent cheap heated car seat pad for under $20 which will provide the basic heating function. For a little more padding, a decent heated car seat cover will run you $20 - $40 if you want more luxurious softness and once you start looking into massaging heated seat covers then it's $50+ per pad.

As ever, there are some real bargains to be found if you know where to look and also some over-priced turkeys too if you don't. The following heated car seat warmers and heatable automobile seat covers are some of the best rated and best value on the market today.

You don't have to spend a fortune to add a heated car seat cover to your automobile seats. This affordable car seat warmer is a really cheap alternative to an aftermarket heated car seat kit. It provides targeted heat to your lower back and butt area without the need for expensive installation. Elasticated straps allow this to fit to most car, truck and RV seats and an optional AC adapter allows you to use it all around the home and office should you choice to do so. This faux leather car seat cover is easy to clean and starts to heat up instantly when you plug it into the 12V cigarette lighter.

Wagan IN9738-5 12-Volt Heated Seat Cushion
Wagan IN9738-5 12-Volt Heated Seat Cushion

For a few dollars more Wagan offers another 12V heated car seat pad which plugs in to the cigarette lighter to provide instant warming to your back and bottom. Those extra dollars get you a better seat cover in almost every way with a durable polyester seat covering replacing the faux leather, more padding and a temperature controller offering low, high or off settings which replaces the simple on/off on the cheaper model. This 12V electric heated seat cover features an automatic shutoff to prevent overheating which is something you should always check for in automotive heated seats for cars, trucks and RVs. It is easy to install with a simple belt and buckle system making it ideal for the majority of vehicle seats. A cigarette lighter port splitter allows you to connect a couple of these for both front seats or to enable you to continue using it for charging mobile devices...or simply lighting cigarettes of course!

Relaxzen 10-Motor Massage Seat Cushion with Heat, Black
Relaxzen 10-Motor Massage Seat Cushion with Heat, Black

At the upper range of car seat heaters are the heated massage covers for automobiles. Our pick of the best heated massager for car seats is this one from Comfort Products which comes at a greatly reduced price at Amazon. It is ideal for the home, office or automobile, with 10 massage motors targeting the neck, upper, lower and mid-back regions and thigh area which accompanying heat applied to the lumbar region. The car massage chair cover can be set to 10, 20 or 30 minute massage with multiple massage modes and speeds available. In car, it runs of the 12V battery but can also be plugged into a wall socket for use around the home or office.

Wagan 4-Way 12V Automotive Socket Splitter and Extender, Cigarette Power Splitter
Wagan 4-Way 12V Automotive Socket Splitter and Extender, Cigarette Power Splitter

Car seat warming pads use the 12V cigarette lighter to provide power to create heat. This is great but what if you use it for other things like charging your cell phone, or want to use a seat warming cushion for both driver AND passenger seat? That's where you need a cigarette lighter splitter plug which will allow you plug multiple devices into a single 12V port.


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  • Rangoon House profile image


    6 years ago from Australia

    I imagine these would be very useful and welcome in some climates, but unfortunately not in mine.

  • austinparker lm profile image

    austinparker lm 

    6 years ago

    I love the seat warmers. They are amazing in cold weather!


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