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Updated on September 6, 2012


Call it what you want Hydroxy or HHO - Proof that Hydrogen on Demand is our future

What an awesome accomplishment in the Hydrogen on Demand movement. This is the stuff that researchers in the use of HHO gas to assist or power your every day gas or diesel motor love to read about. Grad student, Jake Wall, fitted a scooter with a Bob Boyce like electrolysis unit and was able to run the scooter (in the garage) on just the hydrogen-oxygen mixture, using half the energy input the engine normally requires. A new milestone has been reached in the Hydroxy field. Using an 8 plate, 7 Cell, Bob Boyce style, Hydroxy generator; Jake Wall, an Idaho Biology and Agriculture Engineering grad student, has succeeded in idling and accelerating a 2002 Honda Metropolitan, 49 cc. ~4HP Internal Combustion Engine scooter, on 100 % Hydroxy alone. ( These guys won't use the term HHO in their articles because there is, believe it or not a patent pending on the term "HHO") If you are as dedicated to research and developement of hho generators (Hydroxy generators) as I am then this is very exciting news. Jake wants to road test his PURE Hydrogen on Demand system on a different scooter that is suited better for mounting all the HHO equipment. Jake says "I think that two cells and two deep cycle batteries, along with a PWM (Pulse Width Modulator) that could be controlled by the throttle position sensor would allow you to drive the scooter." Jake's Hydrogen on Demand hho cell is a replication of the Bob Boyce "brute force" Hydroxy generator. He estimates that the scooter takes about 1.5 liters/minute of Hydroxy to idle the engine and his current test system maxes out at about 5 liters/minute. He reasons that approximately 10 liters/minute would provide enough flow rate for "all driving conditions". Mr. Wall writes, "I bet it would even run better than gasoline." If you wish to read this amasing article on breakthroughs in Hydrogen on Demand go HERE Pure Energy Systems News by C. Michael Couch Jake is free with with his knowledge and even shows anyone who wants to learn how to build his HHO (hydroxy) generators HERE

Bob Boyce and others are making amazing progress in the production of hydroxy gas as a supplemental Hydrogen on Demand system and perhaps some day a stand alone fuel. If you want more information about their progress or FREE Boyce HHO generator plans please click HERE Hydrogen on Demand Info.

Check out the Hydroxy Booster Rally Videos below if you haven't yet

A series of videos from the informal contest between various systems that use on-board electrolysis to generate hydroxy gas to inject into the air intake systems. The contestants, including a "Smack Booster" HHO GENERATOR and a Prius fitted with Bob Boyce' Hyrogen on Demand system that achieved 64 mpg, drove from D.C. to Florida and back. (YouTube; Apr. 23, 2008)

More solid Proof of gains with hho gas


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    • HHO2U profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Mojave California

      So true Anton;

      You need to know the limitations of the vehicle or equipment you are installing an hho generator on.

      If done correctly it is my opinion that any motor using "fossil fuel" can be fit with hho and see reductions on fuel consumption, and of course far less harmful pollutants from the burnt fuel.

      Just received word from a Canada hho installer that reports he is getting about a 50 to 60% gain on what he calls a scooter ( 125 cc ) motor bike with the 11 plate dry cell from running it between 5 and 8 amps.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      if you want hho cells for scooter you need to know well of the system battery because most the battery for scooter not more than 9amps . if you do not know how to increase for the amps of the battery you will get trouble in one week , your battery is gone and you need a new battery.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Thanks for the update on what's happening in hho tech. This kind of stuff should show those people that don't think that there is a future in hydrogen on demand a little something.



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