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Thieves Stole My Honda Fit Wheels!

Updated on January 15, 2013

Honda Fit Insurance -- Do You Need It?

In a word, YES. This is a picture of my car, taken in July of 2012. I came out on a bright, sunny Saturday morning to find my Honda Fit, which I had parked on a residential street in Chicago, balanced on milk crates, with all four wheels gone. Honda Fit wheels are the most popular wheels with thieves. Don't let those jag-offs get yours!

Honda Fit Wheel Locks -- Yes, I Had Them.

And the thieves went right into the trunk, found the adapter thingie where I had stashed it, and went right to work. A mechanic friend of mine told me that these guys are pros, probably moonlighting mechanics themselves, and that a team of two thieves can steal the wheels off a Honda Fit in about 20 seconds.


So yes, put on those locking lug nuts, but don't think your wheels are safe. These dudes know all the tricks, and will figure out a way to get those wheels off in seconds.

This Is How the Jerks Got In

Honda Fit Insurance for Your Wheels Alone

Yes, I'm serious -- if you could work this out, do it!

Here's how popular Honda Fit wheels are with thieves: When I called the Chicago police department and told the super-nice officer that I had just found my car with all of its wheels missing, she said, "Let me guess -- it's a Honda Fit, right?" It turns out that the vast majority of wheel thefts, especially lately, involve Honda Fit Wheels.

Let Me Tell You About My Car...

Thanks God I had Insurance!

The Moral of the Story!

Event though I did have to pay a pretty solid deductible, it was still a fraction of what I would have had to pay to replace the wheels and fix the damage the thieves did to the car. It was actually a little bit comical at times: my poor little Honda Fit with its wheels stolen, balanced on squashed milk crates, in the middle of all the other cars parked there on the street. And watching the tow truck guys try to figure out how to get a Fit with ALL of its wheels gone out of a tight parking spot and up onto the truck had its moments. Overall, though, I am sure glad I drive a Honda Fit, and that I had insurance.

(The Honda Fit Is a Pretty Great Car)

Check out "Why I Love My Honda Fit"
Check out "Why I Love My Honda Fit"

(And Actually, the Joke's On Them)

What did those jerky little Honda Fit wheel thieves actually get? Four tires with about 50K miles on them, at least one of which had a slow leak. What did I get? Four brand-new tires and wheels, an alignment, and probably a car wash. It did cost me, but I needed new tires anyway, so...

I can't wait for these dudes to put my wheels on whatever alley-job they have going, and watch as the old things slowly deflate.

Do You Know Someone who Owns a Honda Fit?

Pass my sad tale along to them -- I hope it saves them a serious hassle!


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