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how to get free money simply by driving consciously

Updated on March 27, 2011
This guy would be much more fuel efficient than your car, but hard to get on.
This guy would be much more fuel efficient than your car, but hard to get on.

Tips you should be applying to every day driving

And here's the free money you read about in the headline. If you want it, you'll practice a few driving changes to your regular methods and you'll keep it right in your wallet. Not only saving you money in fuel, by in maintenance costs to your vehicle as well. All while being a little bit nicer to mother nature.

1st- One of the biggest things I see people do that wastes gas is something that will require some foresight to change. It's simple, when you see, or know, that there is a hill approaching, get up to your maximum allowable speed, I usually push it a bit, but that's me. It will take less gas to gain speed on the flat before the hill which will give you more momontem to make it up and over the hill then approaching at your regular speed and stepping on it half way up to be able to make it to the top at your regular speed. And the other important thing to remember, when you go up, there's a good chance you're going to go back down. No need to stay at your maximum speed until you reach the top. If you can make it up and over going 20 or 25km slower than you want, you'll be able to speed back up going back down.

2nd- You don't have to be right on someone's tailgate right up until the last second before they turn off. When you notice that someone is going to be turning off from in front of you, slow down before they do, if you can, and if not, slow down more than they do at first to give yourself a larger gap between them and you. By doing this, you'll be able to keep a higher speed as they turn off because you'll be further away from them and it'll take less power and fuel for you to get back up to your desired speed. Also, you have just saved some of those expensive brake pads by only having had to slow half as much as you would have had you been right on the other driver's butt. And remember, saving the brake pads saves money from having to change them earlier than necessary, and saves the environment from the pollution caused to make them.

3rd - Simple, every one should know, but if for some reson you haven't heard yet, make sure your tire pressure is adjusted to the right levels. This is for safety, and fuel econmony, and the pollution caused from making new tires, as well as disposing of old tires. The proper inflation directions should be on a label either in the door or glove box. Otherwise it should most definetely be in your vehicle's manual.

4th - Brake smart. Instead of braking all you've got right at the last minute, brake just a bit before you normally would, in pulses. Allowing your brake pads and rotors to cool slightly between pulses creating less wear.

5th - Now that you're braking smart, take off smart. There's no need to reach you desired top speed as quickly as possible. The biggest waste of fuel most drivers cause is from heavy take offs. And an important thing to remember in the city, if the light is red that you are approaching, you don't have to race to wait for it to change. Bus drivers in Montreal actually had to attend driving method classes to try and eliminate this popular technique.

6th - Now this isn't for every one, and may not make a huge difference, but like everything, if everyone does it, it'll help. I very rarely fill up my tank. The price of gas certainly helps me out in keeping my tank a bit less full, but the extra weight that I avoid carting around also help. Alot of people don't realise that even added passengers will make your car consume more fuel. Just because the weight isn't behind you in a trailer, doesn't mean your vehicle won't have to work harder, and consume more to carry it. And fuel is heavy, keep that in mind.

7th - Let your vehicle warm up if it's really cold out. Mostly for those of us up North, but when your engine block dips below freezing, things start to loose their shape. At 10 degrees below celcius and colder pistons start to be substancially less round than the cylinders they slide through. This probably would be noticeable to the naked eye, but it happens. By not letting your vehicle warm up before you start adding stress to the engine, the uneven pistons begin to wear in certain areas, as well as the cylinders. Over the years this will cause lost compression which intern will lead to a loss in power, which means you will have to be stronger on the throttle for performace you're used to or need. So give it a two or three minutes at least. But obviously not too long.

8th- Cornering is an art, and you'll figure what works for you. Just know that the faster you go into a corner the more wear you are creating on your tires and that pulling through a corner does take more fuel. So if you happen to slow going in, saving a bit of rubber, and slingshot out with a touch more throttle, good for you.

9th - Keep all your tires in line. A worn ball joint can add undesired camber to a wheel and tire which will create a sense of drag and cause a reduction in fuel efficiency. The same will be cause by front tires toed in (pointing towards each other at the front) or toed out (the opposite) if you have bent or worn steering components. And a good thing to remember to save even more money, ask the mechanic to show you the worn out piece while it's on your car. Then you can observe the different performance in the new piece should it be needed. Scrapping parts needlessly is also bad for the environment, and the pocket book.

10th- Calm down. If you're feeling a touch aggressive, chance are it'll show in your driving. And cost you more. So now you're ready to take a deep breath and hit the road. You may even want to stick with your old habits long enough to figure out your average fuel consumption and compare with your new consumption when you follow these few tips. Good luck!


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    • stars439 profile image

      stars439 6 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Excellent hub. Helpful. GBY