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How to Install 2003-2007 Infiniti G35 Coupe Catback Exhaust System

Updated on October 14, 2013

2003-2007 Infiniti G35 Coupe Catback Exhaust System

2003-2007 Infiniti G35 Coupe Catback Exhaust System

Whenever installing any automotive accessory installation you always want to be sure to have the correct protective gear and equipment. Please wear goggles or other eye protection while installing any aftermarket parts. It is also advisable to wear heavy duty work gloves where appropriate.

In addition, because of the special hazards posed by an exhaust system please be sure that you have allowed the piping and engine to cool before attempting to do any work.

It is recommended to spread out a tarp or mat on the floor adjacent to the vehicle to use as a staging area for your removal and installation. This is to prevent damage or scuffing to the delicate finish of the OEM or replacement catback exhaust piping.

Recommend Installation Tools


After you have secured the necessary work wear and prepared your work area you the tools above to complete the removal and replacement of the catback exhaust system. The tools are as follows:

  1. 3/8-inch Drive Ratchet
  2. 12mm Socket
  3. 14mm Socket
  4. 17mm Socket
  5. 17,, Box Wrench
  6. Pry Bar
  7. Automotive Lubricant

Step 1: Raise the Car


Using a lift, you will want to raise your car to be able access your entire exhaust system.

Step 2: Spray All Hangers

Using an automotive lubricant or penetrating oil like WD40, spray all of the rubber hangers holding the exhaust system and piping in place.

Step 3: Spray all Nuts and Bolts

After having sprayed all of the rubber hangers, proceed to spray all nuts and bolts of the exhaust system with penetrating oil.

Step 4: Remove 14mm Nut and Ground Wire

Using your 14mm socket, remove the 14mm nut that holds the ground wire in place.

Step 5: Remove Two 14mm Nuts

Using the 14mm socket wrench again, remove an additional two 14mm nuts.

Step 6: Remove 12mm Bolt

Remove 12mm bolt.

Step 7: Remove Exhaust from Rubber Hanger

Step 8: Remove Factory Muffler Assembly

Remove factory muffler assembly using the prybar. Be careful not to damage the piping or the rubber hangers.

Step 9: Completely Remove Exhaust

Disconnect the exhaust from any remaining rubber hangers slowly and carefully.

Step 10: Remove 14mm Nuts

Remove a quanitity of two 14mm nuts using your 14mm socket.

Step 11: Remove Exhaust Pipe from Hanger

Remove the exhaust pipe from rubber hanger using your pry bar.

Step 12: Completely Remove Tail Pipe

Completely remove the tail pipe.

Step 13:Remove 2 14mm nuts

Remove an additional 2 14mm nuts.

Step 14: Remove OEM Mid-Pipe

Remove stock mid-pipe with pry bar.

Step 15: Attach Aftermarket Piping

Attach the two short, aftermarket sections of piping to the mid -pipe. Tighten the 17mm nuts and bolts.

Step 16: Put New Exhaust in Place and Tighten Bolts

With new exhaust mid-pipe in place, tighten the four 14mm nuts.

Step 17: Replace Hanger and Tighten 12mm Bolt

Replace Hanger and Tighten 12mm Bolt

Step 18: Place Mufflers on Rubber Hangers

Seat mufflers in their rubber hangers and adjust them into their correct positions.

Step 19: Secure All Piping, Tighten Bolts

Once all piping has been positioned tighten four sets of 17mm nuts and bolts.

Step 20: Fasten Ground Wire and Tighten Bolt

Fasten ground wire and tighten 17mm nut and bolt.

Step 22: Lower Car

Lower your car.

You can now enjoy the deep, guttural sounds of your aftermarket 2003-2007 Infniti G35 Coupe catback exhaust system!

Please view the installation instructions at the video below for additional details that could not be captured in the text and image only guide.

2003-2007 Infiniti G35 Coupe Catback Exhaust System Installation Video


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