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How to Pass Your Irish Driving Test by Driving Lessons Tallaght

Updated on November 22, 2011

Some Tips to Help You Easily Pass Your Drivers Test

This was brought to you by driving lessons tallaght

I hope you enjoy the lens there is a lot of value below, not only top tips to help you prepare but also some resources such as a printout of the report the driving test instructors use to mark whether you pass or fail.

Some Tips To Help You Pass Your Drivers

Driving Test Cheat Sheet

How To Pass Your Driving Test Easily

At a recent interview of Francois Docaigne (Approved Driving Instructor),of driving lessons tallaght I asked several questions that would help you if you are about to take your driving test. Some of the answers may surprise you as they are not what you would expect

What are the most common reasons for learners to fail their driving test despite having done a few driving lessons?

Reversing on a corner

lack of keeping up the correct observations while driving (checking blind spot, rearview mirror etc)

positioning during turning right or left

positioning on a roundabout

overreaction to hazards eg slamming on breaks abruptly instead of smoothly

negotiating ramps too fast

What is the most common fear amongst people learning to drive before taking the test?

1. How to drive properly through a roundabout

2. Reverse around a corner

Do you have any tips on practicing and preparation before the driving test?

Driving lessons are critical, and Im not just saying that because im a driving instructor, Ireland is full of drivers who it is painfully obvious are very dangerous drivers, we all know the proverbial person who goes at a snailspace when you are trying to go onto the highway.. essentially endangering all our lives in the process.

Taking a pre driving lesson 'tune up' just before the test can help you gain the confidence necessary and eliminate some of the nerves that make people make silly mistakes on the day- when you know you have done all in your power to ensure your success- then success is assured.

Practice the route of the test that is most likely to be driven by the driving test, but dont exclusively do this, they may without warning ask you to deviate and if your only confidence comes from this route you may make mistakes because of panic.

I suggest the below gets practiced until the correct reaction and action is ingrained

So to recap which areas would be best for students to focus on when doing some driving lessons or a recap before the final day of the driving test?

Things you MUST practice to maximise your chances of passing on the day of the driving test

1. reversing on a corner

2. observations (at a crossroads, while driving- rearview mirror, side mirrors, taking off, roundabout)

3. practice always getting into the correct position (lane)for turning right and left

4. position on a bend or on a straight

5. position when using a roundabout

6. reaction to emergencies and hazards, - its important to practice coping with unforseeable dangers that come up and calmly doing 'the right thing' in the face of danger.- this is a big reason to fail driving students.

7. Practice negotiating a ramp or bump – never go too fast

Some General Tips To Help You On The Day

1. Before you take your test, you should practice with a driving instructor. If you have practiced with a family member or friend this can become frustrating to both of you a) hes not really qualified to give you proper instruction, b) both parties can become anry with each other.

2. Practice driving on the test routes.

3. Familiarize yourself with street signs, hand gestures and traffic times of your area beforehand.

4. Do your pre test checks – eg check tyres , mirrors under the car etc.

5. Once in the car, adjust the seat to fit your body height and style.

6. At all times drive at a safe speed.

7. Be sure to check your mirrors regularly. Make this a little more exaggerated than normal, just so it is clear that you are doing it.

Refresh yourself on the following:

parallel parking,

backing up straight,

3 point turns,


negotiating hazards

positions when driving

reverse on a corner,

driving in a roundabout.

8. Practice smaller but important things such as checking your rear view mirror and overhead mirror once in a while, as well as coming to a full stop at stop signs. Make sure you use your indicator and parallel park correctly or you will lose points.

9. Get your car ready. Make sure you have the car's registration, that all headlights and indicators work and there are no cracks in the windshield.It also helps if the car is neat and clean inside.

10. Get in the car with the driving examiner. Relax. Breathe deeply you have prepared properly- you will be ok.

11. Stop at all stop signs. (OBSERVATIONS)Use the indicator when necessary. Keep your eyes on the road, gazing to the right and left when going through cross roads and look in centre mirror every 4 seconds to see whats happening behind you.

12. Parallel park as best as you can. Make sure you turn on your indicators, as not doing so will likely ensure a failure. Do not bump the curb, go slowly and carefully, looking to the back and sides as you do so.

3 Point turn and other illustrations

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Tallaght Test Center Map

Driving Test Report Form

This will give you some idea of how you are going to be marked, please check above for the list of common reasons people fail.
This will give you some idea of how you are going to be marked, please check above for the list of common reasons people fail.

How To Overcome Driving Test Nerves

prevent yourself from making silly mistakes

A little bit of nerves is natural, I still get them every time I write any kind of exam or test, but when this becomes so severe that it hinders you from achieving your goals it becomes a serious problem.

the key to overcoming driving test nerves and anxiety is adequate preparation, if you really know your stuff you will know deep down that you cannot fail, so really practice practice practice.. before the test see your driving instructor and go over all the points he feels you need to focus on

practice all the key points in this lens again and again until they are second nature, so that you can negotiate a roundabout in your sleep, you can stop the car smoothly and do a hill start in the calm manner of a pro.

Im going to go a bit 'airey fairy' here but this has been scientifically proven to improve performance as much as REAL practice..

- visualisation- scientists took a group of ATHLETES and had them train hard to improve form and performance,,, and the 2nd group were not allowed to train physically at all but just visualise their game improving.. guess what = equal performance increase was recorded between the 2 groups..

This means you can visualise yourself performing well in all the areas that you need to and get the same results as if you have been practicing physically, now you will still need to see and demonstrate the right technique so you need a driving instructor to give you lessons initially but if you go over the lessons and then visualise yourself actually performing the move yourself perfectly - then youre off to a good start.

another tip is to breathe deeply during and before the test whenever you feel nervous, it really does help calm you down, realise its all ok, millions of people have taken this test and passed and you will too, they were no better than you.

some people like to use 'rescue remedy' to help with nerves but If you do i would recommend using it the night before not right before you get in the car, as its like 80 proof poitin! and the driving test instructor will think you are an alkie and may fail you!

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