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hyundai i10 Review

Updated on July 14, 2014

The Hyundai i10 review

maruthi 800,Santro,Indica,alto,Matiz, spark and now another one of these small cars have entered the Indian market in a big way.i dont remember another non maruthi vehicle ushered into the Indian market with such pomp and show.

Hyundai has roped in none other than the undisputed king of Bollywood -- Shahrukh Khan for i10 promotions.

Can it live up to its hype?

Is it just another hype only flop?

Let us see.



Overall Length (mm) : 3565

Overall Width (mm) : 1595

Overall Height (mm) : 1550

Wheelbase (mm) : 2380

Ground Clearance (mm) : 165

Front Track (mm) : 1400

Rear Track (mm) : 1385

Kerb Weight (Kg) : 860-952(M/T)

Fuel Tank capacity (l) : 35


Configuration : In-line, 4 cylinder

Displacement (cc) : 1086

Maximum Power (ps/rpm) : 66.7/5500

Maximum Torque (Kgm/rpm) : 10.1/2800

SUSPENSIONS Front Suspension : McPherson Strut with Stabilizer Bar and "I" type subframe Rear Suspension : CTBA with coil spring Rear Shock Absorbers : Hydraulic

BRAKES Front : Disc Rear : Drum

TYRE Size : 155/80 R13 Type : Tubeless


From the front the i10 dazzles..A cool in your face look witha cute attachment to it...Seems like a big car.A beauty.

From the back,it looks a bit crammy,like something jammed into it.Still fair for a small car.


The interiors are quite roomy with ample space.It seems like a higher end car withits two tone colour scheme and quality interiors.Great for a small car.The luggage space too is decent but the deep loading-lip can be a cause of concern while loading/unloading baggage.

Performance and mileage

The i10 gives a solid performance,but not as good as the spark.But if you are looking for a powerful car with good acceleration,the i10 is not for you..The drive in i10 sometimes resembles an alto with a powerless feeling.Compared to spark and other cars,the i10 is less powerful.The handling is also not that efficient.For that price Hyundai should havegiven a more powerful car.


i10 does not hold great promise in the fuel efficiency department.Well the average mileage i clocked was about 12.5km/l..Bad for that segment.Worse than Santro.Mileage can change with user habits though.But dont expect a huge increase in mileage.

maintainence costs

The i10 is not very difficult to maintain.But it still leaves a hole in your pocket.Dont expect a maruthi style maintanence from hyundai.


overall i dont think,the i10 is a great buy for the ordinary customer.i think the spark beats the i10 in almost all departments,except the front looks and a bit more space.The new service packs from chevrolet further adds to the spark of Spark.

So think twice before you buy an i10.


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    • profile image

      Piyush 7 years ago

      U have gone mad dude. Spark doesn't seem being a car first of all (A toy in fact) and i10 is a wonderful car to own.

      I feel pity for you. Go dude, test drive i10 and regret on owning a Spark.

      Good luck for you when you buy your next car.

    • profile image

      rajesh 7 years ago

      I think spark is enough as a family car. It is very cheap.

      But i10 is too expensive and its high power of 1.2ltr is required only for crazy drivers. The cars like i10 and swift are drivers car.

      Spark is very good. cute. small. But its space is too less and sometimes we feel that we are sitting on a toy. But its ok.

    • profile image

      r. octavio 8 years ago

      I owned an I10 1.2 automatic car for 5 months and no negative commnet so far, except the gas consumption but maybe because of A/T. Other than that, it seems the car is a good buy, spacious inside,silent engine, body is good shape and not cheap to look.

    • profile image

      hh 8 years ago

      The i10 is so much better than the spark!

      in fact i think it is so much better that you should pour gasoline on your spark and put a spark on it!


    • profile image

      gdg 8 years ago

      i10 is very good

    • profile image

      tae 8 years ago

      i guess you're baised, the i10 has a good FC specially if your using a M/t.spark is a good car but i guess i10 has more power than the spark. The i10 has a new engine,the 1.2 kappa w/c could give you 80hp so not bad for a small car. The handling of i10 is very good,it's very easy to drive. I guess you own a spark car and you regret having it rather that i10 so you made an article saying that i10 is a bad car. If its bad i guess the people in india ar stupid in loving this car if they'r not stupid then i guess its you baised opinion!!!