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Car & Scooter Hire guide in Ibiza and Formentera

Updated on February 22, 2013

Rent a car, jeep, van or scooter on Ibiza

Renting a car on Ibiza is very important if you want to explore and see the other side of Ibiza. The other side meaning the beaches you never hear about, the places you never see in photos, parts of the map that never get talked about. Ibiza has lots of exciting places to explore. A car is a great way to see the Island and enjoy a better holiday in Ibiza. Their are two main companies that work on the Island and they have been working with renting cars on the Island for over 35 years. Motoluis and Autos Mari are both family run businesses and are well established car hire companies. Using these companies that are Island based is alot better than using a company based on the mainland Spain.


Worth having a car?

If you are holidaying on Ibiza, then a car is well worth having. Car hire gives you the ability to explore the Island and find new and interesting places. The Island of Ibiza is 571.04 km2 (220.48 sq mi) of beautiful land to explore, a car makes sense.Ibiza is a dream destination for most young people to visit the famous parties and its relaxed and liberal lifestyle, but people also come here to see the striking natural areas, beaches and coves that are hidden on the island. People who arrive on Ibiza looking for cheap car hire to go on an adventure and enjoy the great variety of possibilities normally book online at a car hire website. Car rental in Ibiza is a high demand service, since the island has beautiful beaches and places of difficult access, as well as attractive places for visitors are far more miles apart.

Visiting the islands city which is called Eivissa, will see the great architectural splendor. Its cathedral, the castle or the medieval walls of Dalt Vila will put you back in time when everything in the city had range of strength, in an attempt to defend itself against foreign attack and pirates. Also with renting a car you can get close to various places of heritage interest, as the perfectly preserved like Sant Agusti des Vedra Sant Antoni de Portmany. Apart from its artistic and cultural value, Ibiza stands out as an ideal leisure place where the endless parties, many of them promoted by recognized clubs have earned the island a very good international reputation. But every night in Ibiza the best place to start is Cafe del Mar Lounge in San Antonio.

Ibiza - The Island in the Balearics

Ibiza is an Island and you can drive for less than 1 hour always find the coast which ever direction you go. Ibiza has lots of interesting places to visit and just driving without a map you would not be dissapointed. You will always find somthing of interest.Another good reason to renting a car on Ibiza is the fact that most places that are rather unique to the Island like Bambuddha Grove, Aura, Privilege, Las Dalias, La Casita to mention just a few are all outside resorts and not within walking distance. Taxi is always possible, but driving and finding this places by yourself in your own car just makes your holiday a lot better and cheaper at the end of the day.

Another option which works out cheaper than a car is a scooter. A scooter is easy to ride and you can enjoy the surroundings around you alot easier. With the sun and fresh air on your face, a scooter is a great way to see the Island of Ibiza.

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Car compaines on Ibiza

These are the recommended car companies to use if you visit Ibiza. The Island has hundreds of car companies all offering deals and competitive prices. Shopping around you might save money. But this is time consuming and someone will always undercut another car company price. Staying companies that are well established is the key and you know they can give you full support if something goes wrong.

Ibiza is known as the party island and boasts some of the largest and most famous clubs in the world but we can assure that Ibiza can offer more than just nightlife thanks to its wonderful beaches, beaches, outdoor activities and beautiful rural towns where you can also enjoy days of peace and relaxation. Avoid the hassle of searching and waiting for taxis constantly,

Rounding out the 3 steps above will avoid the hustle and bustle of the airport of Ibiza and guarantees you comfortable transportation from the airport to your accommodation and for the rest of your vacation.

Car hire companies that I recommend are turbo rent a car, they seem to have the best deals through out the summer and have a wide range of cars and scooters - Alquiler coches Ibiza is the name of the company. alquiler coches means car hire in Spanish.

What would choice of transport be

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Rent a car in Formentera

If you want to get to Formentera and not have to worry when renting a car on the island, it is best to book your vehicle in advance. Also, by doing it this way, your car can get away Formentera rental at a price much lower and affordable.

In Turbo rent a car you can rent a car on the Island. Completing these three simple steps, you reserve a car, motorbike, van or commercial vehicle in Formentera will be completed.

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