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Truck & Tractor Inner Tubes

Updated on September 27, 2016

Do you need an inner tube for swimming, rafting, or whatever? Summer means fun in the water--and what better way to spend your free time than by floating down the river on a big truck inner tube? Tubes are great for every body of water, from swimming pools to the beach!

Inner tubes are just incredible! I've enjoyed tubes since I was just a little kid. I've collected them for just about all my life, always on the lookout for my next favorite. Now, I restore used tubes pulled from truck, tractor, and industrial tires to their fully inflated glory and offer them for sale to others who might enjoy them.

I have tubes of all sorts and sizes. From the kind that would fit into a passenger car tire to the huge ones that fit into the big chunky earth movers, I'm always on the lookout for terrific tubes. Often, I'll patch holes, but sometimes my tubes are still airtight when they're pulled from worn tires. Either way, I pump up all my tubes and make sure there are no problems that might "deflate" your fun after you get one (or more!) from me.

I sell tubes through a "Freewebs" site I created, as well as occasionally on E-Bay at User ID inner-tubonia. Check my links below to see the tubes I have available right now. Of course, I also sell tubes directly, so please e-mail me at if you're looking for a nice tube or two. If I have something I think you might be interested in, I can send a couple of photos. I can ship tubes anywhere, they fit into fairly small shipping cartons when they're flat, including Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes for the smaller size tubes. I'll get postage options together for you upon request, and I never charge more than actual shipping (no extra charge for packing materials, etc.). I check my messages as often as possible, I'll be in touch as soon as possible if you e-mail. To see some of the tubes I have available now, please see my FreeWebs pages (link below). Perhaps I have the tubes you need. If you're looking for tubes of any particular (or approximate) size or type, please write, but you may wish to check my FreeWebs site (link below) to see what I've listed there.

I'll be posting some of the large tractor tubes for sale on my FreeWebs pages (link below) very soon. Please e-mail me if you'd like to be notified when they're available.

See below for more details about the tubes I offer for sale.

I also publish a handy little instructional guide for making your own high-quality DVD movie backups using a couple of freeware programs and your computer's DVD recorder. You can use ordinary, inexpensive single-layer DVD blanks to make backup copies of your DVD movies easily, thereby saving your expensive DVD collection from potential damage from handling (scratches can ruin a DVD!). My instructional guide is presented on a CD, along with courtesy copies of the freeware programs, for which I ask $9.95, and that includes postage. Check the links section below to get to my brief web page about this item!

Last updated Tuesday, September 27, 2016.

Tube Sizes by Type of Tube

Inner tubes range in size from tiny types like you'd find in a lawnmower tire or handtruck tire to the huge ones that tower over a person and fit into the really big earth mover equipment (and monster truck!) tires. Here's a rundown of the relative sizes by tube application:

Car/Pickup/Small Industrial: These tubes are generally "small," measuring 28-38" tall, and weigh about 3-8 pounds. They're small enough for a child to use but are usually large enough to support an adult.

Tractor-Trailer Truck/Semi-Truck: These tubes are as found in the "18-wheeler" tires and are frequently type 10.00-20. They measure about 45" tall and have a 20" center opening where the rim would go. They're big enough to comfortably support a man or woman, but the large opening may be too wide for a smaller child. They weigh about 7-10 pounds.

Rear Tractor: These tubes fit into the large tires on the rear of tractors, road graders and similar equipment. They usually stand 40-80" tall and weigh 12-20 pounds (sometimes more). These are often large enough to support more than one person.

Earth Mover/Other Huge Equipment: These can be very large, and they weigh a lot too--frequently 40 pounds or more. The rubber is thickest on these tubes. They can be cumbersome to handle due to the size and weight, but they're lots of fun on the water! One of these might be large enough to qualify as a raft!

Photo Collection CD

NEW: Volume 2 is Now Available!!

Many folks have written in to express their positive opinions about the innertube photos which appear in our E-Bay listings. We take dozens upon dozens of photos of many of the tubes listed on E-Bay, as we know that it can be difficult to "see" exactly what you're bidding on in just a few pictures. Even so, not all of the photos we take end up on our listings--some are usually left out. Our photos are originally taken as high-resolution digital images, so at the lower resolution required for Internet transmission, the images would be huge (15-20 inches across at 72 d.p.i.!!), which is why we must reduce the image size considerably.

Because so many folks have written in requesting access to our thousands of innertube photos, we've compiled nearly 1100 of our high-resolution tube images on data-CD. With this CD, you'll be able to view and work with our photos as either high-resolution or large size regular-resolution images on your own computer with your photo-viewing application. All photos are in .jpeg format, and should be viewable on most computers. Additionally, we've included a short video clip (in .avi format and playable on Windows Media Player, RealOne Player, and others) of a tractor tube being photographed for a recent listing.

The CD comes with a graphic label, packed in a graphic cardboard sleeve (record album-style), and sells for $6.99 plus postage (87 cents to US addresses). If you're interested in receiving more info about this CD, please write at to let us know, so that we can send you all the details.

These images are ideal for dressing up a tubing website, adding graphics to your tubing newsletter (email or print), or just fun to look through if you're into tubes! I enjoy working with tubes, and the pictures are great fun to take. In many of the sets, the tube is photographed fully inflated at first, then is deflated as the camera shoots up to dozens of photos, ultimately showing the fully deflated, rolled-up tube ready to pack up and send to its new owner.

When you write for the Inner-Tubonia Photo Collection CDs, please let me know if you prefer Volume 1, Volume 2, or both.

The Legend of Inner-Tubonia

It is said that somewhere deep in the Suburban Jungle, there lies a mystical land. It is a place where inner tubes roam free--where there are no nails on the road, and where potholes are but opportunities for a joyous bounce.

A warm river flows into a picturesque lake where the sun shines down on a never-ending summer scene. Off in the distance, snow-capped mountain peaks offer a winter wonderland to explore.

In this enchanted place, flabbiness can be cured by a few minutes' workout on the pump--and being plump is a wonderful thing.

This place is Inner Tubonia.

Tubes can be shipped anywhere...

To facilitate affordable shipping, tubes are always shipped fully deflated, rolled/folded tightly together, and packed inside a plastic bag in a cardboard shipping carton. When possible (and where the postage is cheapest), tube(s) are packed into USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes, for standardized shipping at about $12 (for regular Flat Rate Boxes) or about $15 (for Large Flat Rate Boxes) to US addresses.

Tubes!!! :-} - A few pix from summers past :-}

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Hot July afternoon, taking a break while checking out a bunch of truck tubes :-}Some tubes I sold a couple of summers ago :-}In my trunks, about to pump this tube up before going down to the lake to float around for a little while. Looking forward to more lake visits :-}
Hot July afternoon, taking a break while checking out a bunch of truck tubes :-}
Hot July afternoon, taking a break while checking out a bunch of truck tubes :-}
Some tubes I sold a couple of summers ago :-}
Some tubes I sold a couple of summers ago :-}
In my trunks, about to pump this tube up before going down to the lake to float around for a little while. Looking forward to more lake visits :-}
In my trunks, about to pump this tube up before going down to the lake to float around for a little while. Looking forward to more lake visits :-}


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      What a fun way to use tire tubes! I enjoyed reading your lens!

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      What a great idea to use the inner tube for rafting!

      Great lens, thanks.

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      Good lens. Thanks for the idea. I think it is not so easy to make the inner tube for swimming.

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      I'm glad to know these are available... next time I need a tube I'll look for it here at Squidoo!

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      Those tubes are looking great!


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      I stumbled across this and thought it was a great lens. We use a whole range of trucks in our business so will keep an eye out for any spares...Thanks

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      I never knew that much about innertubes.

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      Im searching for some megalarge innertubes. Can you give me some info about where I can find tubes up to 4 meters in diameter?

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