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iPad Car Holders and Mounts - Vehicle Mounting Kits For Ipad 2 and 1st Generation

Updated on August 29, 2013

Buy An Apple iPad Car Mount And Take Your Favorite Gadget On The Road

iPad travel kits for cars, trucks, vans etc. make your favorite mobile gadget even more useful, as if that were possible. Traveling with your iPad is great for short trips to work or for long road trips, allowing you to entertain in the backseat, or to use a car dashboard mouting kit to mount an iPad on a dashboard, window or lower down in a cupholder for GPS and navigational aid.

Front seat mounts are ideal for the driver who wants to use some of the useful automobile apps the iPad has like GPS navigation, route planners, maps etc. These generally fall into the category of air vent mounts, windshield suction mounts, or a cupholder mount although newer innovations have also given us the under car seat mount and iPad holder which puts the device on an extendable arm.

Backseat iPad mounts open up the entertainment features making it the ideal travel companion for backseat passengers and especially for keeping kids entertained. There are generally vehicle seat headrest mounts which are either in the cradle format where the iPad car holder attaches onto the headrest extension bars and displays the device in an iPad dock cradle, or they take the form of enclosed headrest case mounts which fit directly onto or over the car seat headrest and holds it like an iPad sleeve.

With a car mounted iPad there's no need to buy a GPS system and if you have kids, you can turn the back seat into an oasis of calm by installing an Apple iPad headrest holder and therefore giving them thousands of games, movies and other activities to keep them amused on long and short trips. It's cheaper than installing a backseat DVD player and it offers way more than just movies anyway.

iPad car mounts, holders and automobile stands are fantastic mobile accessories but not all mounts are as good as they're cracked up tobe. However, the mounts listed on this page are all recommended by their owners as the best on the market and will be a superb accessory to any car or other automotive vehicle.

Types Of iPad Car Mounting Kits

There are various ways in which you can mount ipads inside your vehicle and which you choose will depend largely on how you intend the device to be used inside the car.

For navigation, maps and GPS apps you will likely want some form of windshield or dashboard mount so you can utilize those features while driving.

But for entertainment purposes, you would probably prefer some form of headrest mount to turn your iPad into a hands-free movie viewer which is ideal for keeping the kids entertained on the back seat while you concentrate on the driving.

Whatever your reason for needing an ipad holder for a car, there's a mount for that...

iPad Headrest Mounts

Seat Back iPad Mounts For Cars

If you've always wanted an in car DVD system to keep your passengers entertained on road trips then you will appreciate how easy it is to install an iPad cradle onto the back of a car seat or the seat's headrest. A car headrest mounting kit for iPad is easy to install and will immediately provide a way to view your favorite movies, read ebooks or whatever else you want to use it for in the back seat of your vehicle. The following ipad car seat mounts offer a variety of options for the temporary installation of tablet computers onto car seats.

iPad Car Cup Holder Mount

Another place people like to mount an iPad inside a car, truck or van is in the cup holder. iPad cupholder mounts for cars are typically designed with a universal mounting base which clamps on to the inside of cupholder to hold the iPad stand firmly in place. This type of adjustable iPad car stand typically has a long flexible neck linked to the iPad caddy which allows you to manipulate the height and viewing angle to the optimal position for you to use. An iPad Cupholder caddy stand is a good alternative when you do want the device from obscuring your view of distracting you when driving but still want easy access of its features and is especially useful in states like California which ban the use windshield mounts.

iPad Windscreen Mounts

Car Windshield Suction Cup Mounting Kits

Another popular way to attach an iPad to a car or other automobile is to use one of the windshield mounting kits. This option uses a suction cup mount to stick the iPad to your car's windshield, or to a side window if you are a passenger in the vehicle. This type of cradle is very popular with iPhone and other smartphone users but the extra weight of a tablet computer means you need to be more careful with your selection. The iPad suction mount below gets excellent ratings from its owners and is the only windshield mounted iPad holder I would recommend out of the current selection.

iPad Car Dashboard Mounts

Some of the most useful features of tablet computers with internet access is the ability to use things like GPS and map apps whilst you are driving your car. Of course, there are thousands of other useful apps for drivers too, but these are some of the most popular. For both of these types of iPad apps you want to be able to see the device easily or the usefulness starts to fade somewhat. That's where windshield and car dashboard mounts for ipads are the most useful.

Just How Useful Would An In Car iPad Stand Be To You?

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    @cocomoonbeams: Since you don't own an IPad, why did you dribble your lame thoughts all over this forum comment. You miss the point entirely. If you use it daily as you drive for a GPS map, or a business guide, cops use them now for their work. Like most people with common sense, you don't play with it or use while you drive. Lame comment. Grow up!

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