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Japanese cars are the best and here's why...

Updated on May 26, 2015

Performance, reliabilty, style and value for money Japanese cars ROCK!

Just about to buy a car?Wondering which used cars are the best? Not sure where to buy a second hand car from? Want to know which car is the most reliable. After more than a decade of motoring I have to say Japanese cars. Look below to see why.

Ask any mechanic worth his salt and he we tell you that Japanese cars are the best. They rarely break down, have engines that will make your mouth waters, and looks that upstage even the hottest glamour models. As you have probably guessed I am a big fan of Japanese cars I have had three since I passed my test and I have never looked back.

In my view they are so underated. I have had two Civics and a Suzuki Vitara and I none of them have skipped a beat. The first Civic I had I bought between cars and I was planning on buying a Volkswagen Golf and needed a run around. It was a saloon and had 120,000 miles on the clock but it drove like a dream. I was hooked. So I began my search and bought a newer model with a lot less miles and never looked back. It had all the extras air conditioning, twin airbags, electric mirrors, electric windows and a beautiful leather interior.

Most other cars follow the lead of the Japanese designers and some of them look pretty nice but the engine on Hondas is one that can not be bettered. The engines often out live the car. It is not unusual to see a Civic with 200,000 miles on the clock.

Hondas are definitely the best all round of the Japanese cars in term of reliability, style and price. Even the 1.4 engines are powerful enough to move quickly and sit comfortably on the motorway without the whole car vibrating as happens with some other small cars.

With some cars mileage is a scary thing and many can't get beyond 40,000 miles without serious problems but Hondas love to drive.

Photo by Fabio Aro reproduced using Creative Commons licence.

I had my Civic for six years. I drove to London, Leeds, Liverpool, Nottingham, Birmingham, Stoke-on-Trent, Blackpool and Sheffield in that car and it always started first time even in the snow.

It was reasonable on fuel for its size and was cheap to tax and insure. It rarely needed work doing on it apart from servicing brakes and tyres which is pretty standard for any car.

In short they are not the cheapest cars on the market but the engines are the best and I think all round they are the best for the money. They are hard to come by though because most people who have them know how good they are and keep them.

I loved my little Civic and was quite upset when it was written off earlier this year because someone crashed into me. But I am confident that I could have had many more years out of that little car.

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I love Hondas because...

They never break down, they are stylish and the love to drive!

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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i am driving Toyota vois, my sis in law drives honda civic too, yeah jap cars are fuel saving, less problems