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Y2K Jet Powered Motorbike

Updated on May 19, 2011

It's not pretty but it's bloody quick.

Made by the Louisiana based firm Marine Turbine Technologies (MTT) this is possibly the ultimate superbike. With a power output of 286bhp and a top speed of well over 200mph (estimated 250mph) this was easily the most powerful and fastest motorcycle ever to go into production. The reason for these performance figures was due to the fact the bike was powered by a helicopter engine!

Jet engines had been used in bikes before but the Y2K was the first to be road legal. All that power came with a price tag, US $185 000 was outside most peoples reach but demand was still high enough for a small number to be built over a few years.

The engine itself was made by Rolls Royce and were time expired for aircraft but perfectly sound for road use where a failed engine didn't mean plummeting to the ground! Despite their previous use the bike engines still came with an engine warranty for the life of the original owner. The president of MTT, Ted McIntyre said, "Anyone who blows up one of these and lives deserves a new engine."

Y2K jet bike!

The Y2K jet bike powered by a helicopter engine!
The Y2K jet bike powered by a helicopter engine!



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