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Kaiser Deuce Mud Truck

Updated on August 20, 2015

86 Kaiser Deuce 6x6


Our Kaiser Story

We started two years ago with an 09 Black Grizzly 550 4x4 ATV. Enjoyed going out mudding with the ATV, but it was too small for 2 people. About 6 months later we traded a boat for an 09 Polaris RZR. We loved the RZR, but I still wanted something bigger! Soon after that we traded a 96 Dodge for a 76 Jeep CJ5 with a 4.2 inline 6 with 39.5 Super Swampers.

We kept the "Grumpy" Jeep for about a year. After many repairs, we enjoyed the Jeep, but got bored with it quick. It just wasn't big enough! Lol! After much debate with my spouse, we finally agreed to put the Jeep up for trade. I got the offer on Tuesday, January 6th from a young man wanting to trade me the Jeep for his 86 Kaiser Deuce 6x6 Military Truck.

My first thought was it was too big of a job for my spouse to handle. So I didn't say anything to him until Friday night. He had asked if we got any offers lately for the Jeep and I told him I had one earlier in the week, but it was too big. He requested to see the photo and agreed it was a little big. He then told me to send it too our mud crew friends and get some opinions.

Immediate responses from the crew. "When we going to get that deuce!!"

Check out the photos below and article continued below.

Deuce Before Transformation

The Deuce Transformation

Removing the Heavy Truck Bed
Removing the Heavy Truck Bed | Source
Bed Removed - Rear View
Bed Removed - Rear View | Source
Bed Removed - Front View
Bed Removed - Front View | Source
Relocating the Gas Tank
Relocating the Gas Tank | Source
That's a Beast!!
That's a Beast!! | Source

Deuce Transformation Continued...

It took 4 weekends to get this deuce ready to roll. Lots of hard work, welding, fabrication were put into this great mud toy. We did have to rebuild the starter and purchase an aftermarket alternator and it now starts up every time without fail. The steering wheel was changed out and air ride seats were installed.

Still have things we are working on. Now we just need to pick a color for this beast!

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Recent Upgrades

Air Ride Seats Installed - We love them!!
Air Ride Seats Installed - We love them!! | Source
New Steering Wheel
New Steering Wheel | Source

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