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Lambo Door Kits: What sellers don't tell you

Updated on September 18, 2010
Butterfly Style Lambo Door Kit
Butterfly Style Lambo Door Kit

Cheap really is cheap!

We get many questions about door kits, particularly in regards to how long they last, the warranties and so on. Many sellers who advertise cheap $100.00 - $250.00 door kits, more times than not focus on the fact that they are "long lasting, high quality" but in actuality how long a kit lasts can vary from car to car and via its design in addition to the over all practically of even having something on a daily driven car. Usually the life span is about 2 yrs before one or both sides(doors) need some sort of repair. And in some cases with even poorer quality kits the life span before a repair is 1yr.

We carry a broad array of door kits and as you can see they vary in price from the very cheap to the $1000 dollar range. And when a customer asks us we tell them the quality does show after 1-2+ years of operation. Many consumers don't want their doors falling or not going up after 2yrs time whether there are replacement parts available or not. Its just simply not something people like dealing with, but on the other hand $900-$1000 dollar kits are simply overpriced by the manufacturer.

Without remote or some form of automatic operation this is impractical.
Without remote or some form of automatic operation this is impractical.

What most sellers neglect to tell you: Cheap really is " Cheap".

You get what you pay for, kits that range well under 350 dollars or so will become weak, especially when they are "vehicle specific". Universal kits are designed to handle various amounts of load ( or door weights) so aside from your larger vehicles like hummers or other SuVs. A universal kit is less likely to suffer weak hydraulic syndrome or other issues that stem from a weak design. But its worth saying that "ALL" kits will become weaker over time its natural and will happen, the universal kits weather this storm noticeably better than your vehicle specific kits.

But a drawback is the universal kit can be "too" strong. When you lift the door it will move too fast causing the mechanics to have to "catch" the door, basically if you lift the door up it will theoretically try to fly away going up so fast it will "hit" the fender or the swivel arm limit, that's not good for longevity. Of course there is an easy way around this by simply keeping 1 hand on the door to keep it from moving too fast, this is easy in some ways, harder in other ways depending on the car and the kit, a basic 75 degree kit would be easy, I have direct experience with this, but for example a lambo door kit that's 130 degrees, (as in the door rotates up and pass even the windshield like the picture above) it moves so far away from the driver in their sitting position within the car it becomes impossible.

I'm sure some may have had the chance to see a person with some contortionists version of a door kit: stand up.... pull the door down while standing..... then hold onto the door... sit and close the door.. This is something common for initial break in of the mechanical parts but not months or years after installation. It's like an aerobics exercise to get in and out of the car.

If I had a vehicle specific kit , early on I wouldn't have had this little occurrence of the door moving too fast as the kit would be made to match the door weight but my kit has become 10-20% weaker over the years, its only lasted so well because its universal, at that rate of strength decrease with a vehicle specific bolt on kit the doors would be falling or would've had to have the parts replaced 2yrs after installation. Meaning I would've already had to repair my kit twice and would be due up for yet another repair soon. ( to this day I haven't repaired my kit at all its the same as it was when it was installed 5 years ago)

Many sellers that sell $100, $150, $200 dollar kits etc. Are usually completely ignorant to how well the products last or simply tell you that its "long lasting" when that's nowhere near the case(that's my captain Kool-Aid way of calling them liars). Or they promote to you a warranty and in some cases the things that malfunction such as hydraulic cylinders and things of that nature that WILL go weak aren't covered since it's a "natural" wear and tear part. Sort of like brake pads and rotors with an automobile warranty. One must always remember if its really cheap, its just that... Cheap. Its why our kits have such a large range in pricing to facilitate all budgets, wants and needs in regards to lifetime functionality. And we are usually very talkative when we receive questions about the pros and cons.

Your reseller should know from past experience with customers, using the product themselves or just knowledge in general to tell you how well one will last. If they just give you the lip service of saying its "long lasting" and has a warranty and so on without really giving you first hand accounts of the good and the bad. Then you should look else where.

Nice Vertical Door Kit that has good practical distance from the driver/passenger seats.
Nice Vertical Door Kit that has good practical distance from the driver/passenger seats.

Buy for the long haul and not the short gain.

Buy for the long haul, we have found many customers don't mind keeping a guiding hand on their door as it goes up, some with bigger budgets usually also stick with universal kits particularly on coupes and sedans. And some who have the means buy remote controlled/automatic kits as Autoloc offers a very good warranty on the electrical parts, this completely puts control over the kit.

In the end you definitely want to purchase smart, which is purchasing for longevity. Cheap is just that.. Cheap. Some resellers just don't like to tell you.


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    • profile image

      whip 2 years ago

      I want a fairly pretty good set of 90 degree lambo doors that will last a nive while but don't reslly matter ib a body man andncan weld them on if i have to but don't wsnt to just in case i sell the car and i want a pretty cheap price

    • profile image

      Lambo Door King 7 years ago

      Excellent article, I also stock the AutoLoc brand of Lambo Doors to make sure my customers get the best longest lasting Lambo Doors in the industry.