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Leather Biker Jacket with Armor Review

Updated on September 14, 2014

After many years of being on hiatus, only casually riding a motorcycle, my excitement of motorcycling was re-invigorated with the purchase of my new 2012 Honda CBR250R from our local Honda Powersports dealer. This motorcycle is just F...U...N FUN! I have owned everything from a 1000cc 1978 Honda Goldwing to a 600cc 1998 Honda CBR600R and every Honda Cruiser and Sport bike in between. Nothing has put a bigger smile on my face than my 250cc Honda CBR250R. I never feel like my Honda CBR250R is underpowered while riding around town. Soon after my Honda CBR250R purchase, I fell in love with the 125cc Honda Grom and regularly ride this little sport bike around town.

Knowing my renewed interest in motorcycling, my wife got me this cool motorcycle jacket. Upon opening my present and looking at the jacket, I could see it was of good quality. It has two stripes of reflective tape sewn into the chest and back. The jacket is tough cowhide leather and has removable armor in the back, shoulders, and elbows. It also has a removable liner for riding on warm days. You can adjust the the waist for a firm fit. It has zippers on the cuffs so you have a tight fit. There are two zippered pockets on the front of the jacket where you can store small items like air pressure gauge and cell phone. The jacket is very stiff and needs to be broken in when new.

I can't wait till the motorcycle season starts in Ohio so that I can sport my new motorcycle jacket!

Great motorcycle gloves to protect your hands from the elements!

Photo Gallery

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Me proudly wearing my new Motorcycle Jacket.My new 2012 Honda CBR250R.My new 2014 Honda Grom
Me proudly wearing my new Motorcycle Jacket.
Me proudly wearing my new Motorcycle Jacket.
My new 2012 Honda CBR250R.
My new 2012 Honda CBR250R.
My new 2014 Honda Grom
My new 2014 Honda Grom


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