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Low Profile Tires and the Usage

Updated on August 31, 2012
low profile tires
low profile tires | Source

Low Profile Tires are kinds of tires that give you different look and special touch to your car. It has the characteristic of short sidewall height, or aspect ratio, on a tire. That measurement is for the rubbers that placed between the outside edge of the wheel or rim, and the road. Your cars will look very short and almost touch the road. This is the famous appearance among teenagers because it gives the sporty look for the cars and for the drivers. Shorter sidewall also applied in this type of tires which enable you to have crisper handling and activate the positive feedback to the steering wheel so that you can control your car easily with the handy steering wheel. The effect of this Low Profile Tires also includes the feel of rough riding because the distance between the rim and the road is very tiny.

Low Profile Tires and the Characteristics

The result of the very close distance between the rim and the road gives the effect for the suspension from each bump and road imperfection which directly affects it. It is obvious that many people prefer this kind of tires because it gives you different and casual look. Low Profile Tires have the size of 6.95-14 with the overall diameter 25.0” and section width of 7.0”. The size of this typical of tires actually varied from the low quality until the highest quality of tire with the best materials. The materials also have the important role in your driving because the tires are the most important thing that you need to consider because it is the thing that interacts directly with the road and the motions engine. So, you have to look for the most appropriate Low Profile Tires for your perfect look.

There are several versions of the Low Profile Tires you can find to suit your needs in driving your car. You can choose the old version or the latest version for your car. Although this kind of tires are popular among people who love to have different look for their cars, sometimes you will find problems that might bother you but you can still handle it. The problem happens with the too wide a tire with too much gap between the wheels. That problem usually occurs because the tires are not original type and do not suit with your engine, so be careful in choosing the right Low Profile Tires.


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