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Mazda 6 Replacement Key

Updated on September 9, 2012

Needing A Mazda 6 Replacement Key

I lost my Mazda six car keys and I needed to get a replacement Mazda key this lens is about how I contacted the dealer, got my car to the dealer and got a replacement Mazda key and how I plan to prevent losing my Mazda key in the future.

Mazda Roadside Assistance

Towing My Car To The Dealer

The Mazda six has a switchblade key with an electronic transmitter and I actually had two keys when I bought the car and I lost one key and I kept planning to make a replacement key but I never got around to it. On the weekend I came home one day and I misplaced the key and I had nothing with which to drive the car.

After spending a few hours looking for the car key I gave up and decided that I had to get a new set of keys. Since it was Sunday I tried calling a locksmith but he was closed and I looked online a bit about how to get a replacement Mazda key. I read that the way to do it is to call the dealer and give the dealer the vehicle identification number so that they can create a replacement. That's what I did Monday morning; I called the dealer and explain the situation that I didn't have any of my car keys to my Mazda six and I want to give him the vehicle identification number so that I can get a replacement key. The dealer said that I actually have to bring my car into the shop along with proof of ownership so that they can create a key. The dealer could not create the key without having the car in place because of the computer chip inside the key.

Solace to the next challenge is getting the car to the dealership. Luckily I still had my Mazda roadside assistance which covers things like flat tires, being locked out, and obviously lost keys. Within an hour or an hour and a half calling Mazda roadside assistance, I was able to have the car towed from my house and get sent to the Mazda dealership near my house. Overall getting Mazda roadside assistance was pretty pleasant, the people on the phone more helpful and I was glad the towing was covered otherwise I would have been another hundred dollars out of my pocket.

Mazda Switchblade Key
Mazda Switchblade Key

Mazda Replacement Laser Cut Key Blanks And Transmitters

Computer Chip Car Keys

Once my car was at the dealer, the dealer had to laser cut the key blank and also code the transmitter. The key transmitter and the actual key blank cost around $150 and the cost of the key blank also includes the cost of cutting the key. The next thing that the dealer needed to do was program the key because apparently there some sort of computer chip in the key that allows the ignition to start. Just by having the key cut to shape you can open the car doors but you won't be able to start the car.

This process took around 2 to 3 hours total including all its turnaround time of sending the key to a locksmith and so on.

Programming the key costs $75.

Programming a Mazda 6 Computer Chip Key

Newer model Mazda car keys have some sort of chip in them that allows the car to start. There are some websites that I found that talk about how to self program the keys. I haven't read a lot of details about Mazda but apparently there's a way to do this with Ford cars in the case you have to computer-chip keys you can program a third key as long as you have key blank which has been physically cut properly. Computer-chip keys are supposed to reduced incidents of theft and I'm still researching whether they can be created by anybody other than the Mazda dealer.

How To Prevent Losing Your Car Keys

Finding Your Car Keys

I actually found my other car keys and I'm back to having to monitor the keys. However I still have to make sure that I don't lose my car key again I was thinking about ways in which I can prevent losing my car keys.

One way to do this is to have some sort of beeper or key finder where I have a transmitter button that I press and in the keychain will have a receiver which will beep telling me where my key is located this is just like a phone paging system where you have cordless phones all over the house and you can press a button on the base and all the phones in the house will beep telling you where they are. Having something like this on a remote control or a wallet or any other thing you're bound to lose would be useful as well

I did look on Amazon and there are things called key finders which exist. But it's what I'll talk about next; I want to research and find the most useful one for me.

Here Are Some Key Finders From Amazon - Finding Lost Keys

An Update from Sept 2012

I did purchase one of the keyfinders above, a variation on the Clink n Dig one. I don't know whether my son kept pressing the find button or what, but the battery ran out. I didn't find the range as good as expected either. This is just my experience, but I was not satisfied.

I am basically just using a basket system now; a basket like this: Update International (BBV-97) - 9" x 6 1/2" Oval Black Vinyl Woven Basket and I just keep my keys in there as much as I can remember.

I was thinking of getting a key finder app for the iphone. It works by having a keychain device you attach to your keychain, and then there is an app on the phone (either Android or Apple) which, if you lose your keys, you just use the app to cause your keychain device to emit a signal. Something like this: Cobra BT 225 Tag Alarm

I have not tried that though.

Losing keys is still a problem I need to address!

About Computer Chip Car Keys

Have You Ever Lost Your Car Keys? - Any Tips or Stories?

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I had just gone through this situation few month before,i can't forget that day :(

      my dealer was away and i had to get the keys that time then i decided to go for any online service for key replacement then just found mazda key replacement that solved my problem in few hours.