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4 tips to increase your car gas mileage

Updated on December 6, 2010

Are you are who is complaining your car that it's a fuel drinker? think again. It's not just the car it's also because of the driver too.These are some of the tips you might consider trying to improve your car's gas mileage.

Keep your tires fully pumped and cut your air conditioning use

  • It is estimated that half of all drivers in the UK are driving with under inflated tires, the resistance increases and therefore increases the amount of fuel or gas expenses.
  • By checking your tire pressure to ensure they are kept at the right level once a week which gives a good mileage.
  • Read the manual of your automobile and get the recommended pressure for your tires.
  • According to the National Energy Foundation, air conditioning will increase your fuel or gas consumption by 25%, so use it only when absolutely necessary.
  • An alternative way is to use air vents, or just open the windows to stay cool. However, if you are traveling at 60mph with an open window will ultimately cost more than your air conditioner can be.

Your vehicle service

  •  If you service your vehicle regularly, you may be in fuel or gas or gas which gives a good mileage over 10%.
  •  You should cover the key areas that some air filters that are dirty can increase fuel or gas usage and regular oil changes, run the engine as clean oil all components will reduce wear caused by friction, thus improving fuel or gas economy and mileage.
  •  Both of the above works are affordable and can give best mileage among all the cars and help drive down their fuel or gas costs and give a good mileage.

Change your driving habits

  • The way you drive can significantly reduce fuel or gas consumption and automatically put your foot down is not just about refraining from.
  • Try to keep a higher gear. The engine works hard and requires such a short amount of fuel or gas.
  • RAC claims that if you brake effectively you cut fuel or gas cost by 30%. National Energy Foundation recommends that it is necessary to change a gear for driving a petrol car at 2500 rpm and at 2000 rpm for diesel cars to get the best fuel or gas efficiency.
  •  As for speed, start slowly from a closed position, keep your revs down.
  • If you drive at 85mph compared to 70mph about 25% will use more fuel or gas.

Lose weight and reduce unnecessary drag

  •  Remove from your automobile, things that not required for the journey such as removable seats, roof rack and sports equipment.
  •  Re-install equipment that your car will add rolling resistance tires which will add significant weight. According to the website save, on average, each additional 50kg 2% by weight will increase your petrol consumption.
  • Novelty flags and fancy sun roof will also affect your automobile's aerodynamic drag, thus increasing how much your car will guzzle fuel or gas. Another interesting fact is that you also carry the weight of fuel or gas, so never fill your tank to the top.


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