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Stylish Motorcross Boots that Satisfy Your Adventurous Side

Updated on October 17, 2012

Motorcross has grown tremendously since the sport began in Europe in the 1920s. By the 1970s, motorcross athletes had started taking their bikes to the air, soaring several feet off the ground, as they made their way around rugged race terrains. As the sport grew, European and later, Japanese, manufacturers enhanced features on bikes used in the races. These and other enhancements made to the sport focused on safety and style while allowing riders chances to take greater risks. Protective gear like helmets, jackets and stylish motorcross boots are key parts of these enhancements.

Safety Features to Look for When Purchasing Stylish Motorcross Boots

Stylish motorcross boots do more than provide comfort as you pick up speed, handling back and off road surfaces like a pro. Quality motorcross boots offer you protection against foot and lower leg injuries. You don’t have to be a professional motorcross athlete to enjoy the sport. However, like a knowledgeable pro, you do need to choose and wear motorcross boots that are designed to keep you safe.

Features to look for in motorcross boots include a reliable ruggedness. You want boots that will maintain their shape and continue to support you as you dig your feet into the ground, speed around sharp turns and make bouncy landings. Stylish motorcross boots that are developed with toe, heel, ankle, calf, foot and shin guards can offer you this protection. Other features to look for in stylish motorcross boots include washable and replaceable perforated booties, anti-torison PU panels, gasket seals to keep out water, flexibility, shock absorbing panels that protect your shins and a quality ventilation system.

When it comes to durability, consider choosing stylish motorcross boots that are designed with replaceable soles. Some manufacturers also sell buckles you can use in replace of worn or damaged buckles. These replaceable items can add life to your sturdy and durable motorcross boots.

Satisfying Your Adventurous Side with Stylish Motorcross Boots

As a tip, make sure you select the right size boots. Although you might be able to save money by purchasing stylish motorcross boots online, it might be worth your time to visit a brick and mortar store and try a pair of boots on. The right fit is important and can help you enjoy riding as you continue to explore the great outdoors and satisfy your adventurous side.

Regarding style, it’s possible to purchase motorcross boots in a variety of colors. For example, retailers sell stylish motorcross boots in colors like black, white, green and white, red and white and blue and white. In addition, some of the boots are ankle length, while other motorcross boots are calf high.

Because there are a wide range of companies that make stylish motorcross boots, you can take advantage of different pricing and feature options. Among the top motorcross boot manufacturers are Fly Racing, Fox Racing, Jett, Scott, SiDI, MSR, SixSixOne and Gaerne. These and other manufacturers develop stylish motorcross boots for men, women and children. Prices on the boots range from about $100 to over $500.

If you’re looking to save money on stylish motorcross boots, consider shopping at online retail outlets. This way you can compare prices and take advantage of regular discounts. In some instances, you may also be able to save money on shipping and handling. Above all, shop for and choose motorcross boots that have a style that highlights your unique personality, fits well and offers you durable protection.


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