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Motorcycle Handlebars

Updated on October 25, 2017

Motorcycle Handlebars - Stock and After Market, New and Vintage

Read all about Motorcycle Handlebars:

  • Different Styles of Motorcycle Handlebars
  • Choosing the Right Handlebars and Risers
  • Where to Buy Your New Handlebars
  • How to Replace Your Handlebars
  • Custom or Factory
  • New, New Old Stock or Antique
  • American, European or Asian

Buck Horn Handle Bars
Buck Horn Handle Bars

Buckhorn Handlebars

because Stock Sucks

If these handlebars look familiar... well, that probably explains why you're here. Buckhorn handlebars where and are the factory-stock handlebars of many cruiser-style motorcycles models throughout the years. There's nothing wrong with Buckhorns, they can look pretty good if done right - subtle, maybe even retro. But even when done well, to most bikers, Buckhorns scream stock... and Stock Sucks.

Why are they called "Buckhorns," anyway. Bucks have antlers, not horns. They look like bull horns to me.

This is how to do Buckhorns right.

2012 Harley Davidson Sportster with stock Buckhorn Handlebars

Buckhorn Handlebars

Ape Hangers
Ape Hangers

Ape Hangers

for the Easy Rider

Ape Hangers (Apehangers) are the quintessential "Biker" handlebars. They're high bars and get their name because they look like the rider is hanging from the bars like an ape hanging from a branch.

In the 60s and 70s, when the aftermarket motorcycle parts market was much small than it is today, custom parts where made rather than bought. Apehangers used to be made out of the frames of those old bent-tube chrome dining chairs.

Steering with Apehangers requires much more body-leaning than with lower bars. For this reason, most states no longer allow handlebar grips to be higher than the rider's shoulders.

Black Drag Bars
Black Drag Bars

Drag Bars

the Standard for Custom Cruisers and Bar Hoppers

Drag Bars are nearly straight and flat; they offer a very clean look and plenty of reach room for taller riders. Shorter riders may compensate for this extra reach by using risers with a built in offset. Forward Controls complete the look.

Drag bars often require higher-than-stock risers in order for the bars to clear the tank. This configuration developed into the T-Bar.

Drag Bar Handlebars

Cheap Broomstick Handle Bars
Cheap Broomstick Handle Bars

Broomstick Handlebars

Drag Bars to the Extreme

Broomstick Bars are absolutely straight and tend to be rather short (often just over two feet wide), offering little comfort for the wrist or the back, but they look good. They don't have much room for handlebar mounted gauges, controls and such - making them look even better.

Bonus: since they're basically straight steel tubes, they tend to be CHEAP!

Broomstick Handle Bars

T-Bar Motorcycle Handlebars
T-Bar Motorcycle Handlebars


T Bars are Drag Bars or Broomstick Bars with built-in, usually high, risers.

on Indian Larry's "Rolex"

Harley Davidson 1" Z-Bars
Harley Davidson 1" Z-Bars

Z Bars

Z-Bars (sometimes Zee Bars) have two angles on each side, forming "Z" shapes. A very broad category of handlebars, they can rise as high as Apehangers or be as low as Drag Bars. They can be made of straight or curved bar stock. The angles can be 90°, more than 90°, less than 90° of a combination of angles.

Z Bars were popular in the 60s and early 70s due to their being easy-to-make by the home mechanic. They were largely unseen in the 80s and 90s and have come back in to popularity in the last decade.

Pullback Handlebars
Pullback Handlebars

Pullback Handlebars

for Choppers Only

Pullback Handlebars do just that: they pull back from the risers to the rider - far back. Pullbacks are really only useful on super-long bikes like custom Choppers and VW Trikes.

Most home customizers will be better off using Pullback Risers to shorten the reach.

on OCC's U.S. Biker Law

Pull-Back Handle Bars

on a Volkswagen Trike

Cafe Bike - Clubman handlebars
Cafe Bike - Clubman handlebars

Clubman Handlebars

Cafe Cool

Clubmans were the cool handlebars to have in the British Cafe Bike scene, circa 1960s. They still are, today.

The first Cafe Bike handlebars were stock Bullhorns mounted upside down to allow for a tucked and more aerodynamic riding position. Ton Up!

Clubman Handle Bars

Clip-On Handlebars
Clip-On Handlebars

Clip On Handlebars

Crotch Rocket Standard

Standard equipment on today's Sport Bikes, Clip-Ons are the evolved form of Clubmans (much as Sport Bikes are an evolved form of Cafe Bikes). Clip-Ons clip onto the front forks and allow for a low seating position centered over the forks - very streamlined, very responsive.

Although most often seen on Sports Bikes, they can look great on custom Choppers and Bobbers, too. take a look at Russell Mitchell's creation, below.

on Exile Cycles "Pure Sex Dragster"

Clip-on Handle Bars

Six-Bend Handlebars

70s Cool

Six Bend Handlebars have 6 bends - 3 on each side. It's like having Ape Hangers and Pullbacks in one package. The last time that I saw 6-Bend Handlebars was in the movie Purple Rain. You don't see 6-Bends anymore, but they're a part of Custom Motorcycle history.

What else could someone as funky as Prince ride?

You don't see 6-Bends anymore, but they're a part of Custom Motorcycle history.

Six-Bend Handle Bars

Chubby Handlebars

Size Matters

Handlebars used to be 7/8" in diameter, then Harley Davidson started making 1" bars. Today, 1 1/4" is the new custom-bike standard.

How to Change Your Motorcycle Handlebars Video

Choosing your new handlebars. Removing bars, gauges, levers and cables. Installing the new bars.

Handlebar Risers

Adjusting your handlebars by choosing the right Risers.

What Kind of Handlebars are on Your Bike?

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    • SarthakBhutani profile image

      Sarthak Bhutani 

      8 months ago

      Handlebars differ according to the type of motorcycle like mostly a cruiser has a long and wide handlebar, racing bikes have clip-on for added aggressiveness. You can refer to for more.

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      5 years ago

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