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Motorcycle Lift Tables Guide!

Updated on April 3, 2013

Stop Bending Over, Kneeling, and Laying On Your Back!

A motorcycle lift table will help you as you face the various maintenance tasks involving your motorcycle.You'll find yourself faced with the conundrum of how to elevate the bike to an extent that makes it accessible for modifications; be it for changing its oil, doing general maintenance or even building a new one from scratch.

It can be a daunting task if the areas that need tweaking arent easily reachable. This is where a motorcycle lift table is handy; to help us circumvent the problems you'll face when it comes to maintaining your motorcycle...

Constantly bending over, and getting into awkward angles on the ground is terrible for your back and joints, and it can be dangerous as well!

But the other problem you face is that your motorcycle can easily tip over if it's not on a quality lift, and secured. There's few things more frustrating than working on your bike on a lift, and then it crashes to the ground causing even more problems for you; dents, scratches, broken lights and more.

That's why I wrote this article on motorcycle lift table reviews so that you can get a good idea of what's available for your needs, so that you don't have to worry about these problems. I hope you find it helpful...

Lift Table
Lift Table

Lift Table Basics:

The motorcycle lift operates in a fashion that is a similar to an automobile lift; it supports the weight of the motorcycle along with elevating it to a position which is easier for the person performing maintenance to see and avoid unnecessary strain on his body which would otherwise resulted if the motorcycle would have been on ground level.

Primarily these lifts are constructed using steel alongside a varying quantity of stainless alloy and are broken down into two types of lifts; manual, air and hydraulic ones.

They differ in the method in which they operate mainly how the air lift uses air to lift the motorcycle, this task may seem easy and it usually is if the said lift provides a foot pedal but if it doesn't it usually comes down to being manual labor and quite strenuous while hydraulic lifts are far more easier to operate as they come with their own power source and require little effort on the users part; hydraulic lifts should be considered if ease of use is preferred.

The second major difference would be the difference in cost between the two types of lifts, obviously the convenient one costs far more than the one which requires manual labor.

The other differences are similar in nature, as a lift with better construction will obviously cost far more as a company with a good reputation will make a sturdy one whereas the competitors might have lighter ones which would take lesser space perhaps, although it should be noted that sturdier lifts are safer than their lighter counterparts and also one which is aesthetically more pleasing will also cost more which usually doesn't have much bearing on performance but some people do prefer better designs and paint jobs to liven up their workspace or shops.

manual motorcycle lift table
manual motorcycle lift table

Types of Motorcycle Lifts:

Some more points to consider when purchasing a motorcycle lift would be how high would you prefer the lift to rise, the location at which the lift is used, the time the bike will end up spending on the lift, is there any type of security you would require and finally how big the bike that would be using the platform is.

Now amongst lift manufacturers there are some noteworthy companies which provide a guarantee of satisfaction like the PRO lifts, Handy Lifts and Kendon Lifts. These four companies manufacture the best motorcycle lifts to date and according to your requirements one amongst these should be selected for purchase.

Kendon Lifts:

stand up motorcycle lift
stand up motorcycle lift

Then it comes down to Kendon lifts which are quite similar in operation and features to the PRO lifts but take up far less space. The purpose of taking up lesser space is too allow you to be up-close to the bike for minute inspections and modifications which one may overlook from a distance.

Most of Kendons models lift up to 1000 lbs. which is sufficient for the average bikes but some four wheelers and superbikes may weigh more.

The Kendon Stand Up Chopper Lift is a really good low cost option for bikes that are longer in length that your average cruiser or sport bike.

The Stand Uplift has a 1,000 lbs. weight capacity and can support just about any bike you put on it.

It can also be used to build bikes from the ground up, but you'll need one of the accessories called a Frame Jack, which is just $140, give or take a few bucks.

This lift will allow a motorcycle that is 115 inches or shorter (this measurement was taken from the rear axle center, to the front tire).

In addition to it's versatility, it can 'stand up', saving you space in your garage. This is an ideal feature for just about any shop. It makes a good back up to if you have a more expensive pro lift that is on the fritz.

handy motorcycle lift
handy motorcycle lift

Handy Motorcycle Lift Tables:

The second widely used lifts are manufactured by Handy who have a history of manufacturing power equipment and power sport markets.

Handy manufactures air lifts which are more expensive than their counterparts. It should be pointed out that Handy lifts are usually used for wider motorcycles, and four or three wheelers, as they offer a quad rail system rather than a two rail system.

Other lifts which allow it to come apart in four pieces resulting in the extra space along with double drop panels making maintenance a breeze.

Although air powered, Handy lifts should be considered if the motorcycle in question is broader than your average bike. A small bike may be able to fit on a bigger pedestal, but if you buy a smaller lift you won't be able to put a larger bike on it in the future.

The recommended lift that will work for most bikes is the HANDY S.A.M.2 AIR LIFT, pictured here.

Handy Motorcycle Lift Specifications (S.A.M.2 AIR LIFT):

Capacity - 1000 pounds.

  • Length: 93 inches
  • Width: 28 inches
  • Maximum Height: 35 inches
  • Minimum Height: 7.5 inches
  • Work Area (Surface): 93 inches x 28 inches
  • Power: Air 90 pounds per square inche - 120 pounds per square inch
  • Ramp Length: 40 inches x 28 inches
  • 2 Drop Leafs - 15" x 28"
  • Weight - 345 lbs.

Before you run out and buy this professional quality air lift consider these other options first:

Air Motorcycle Lift Table
Air Motorcycle Lift Table

ProCycle Motorcycle Lift:

A ProCycle lift is considered one of the better options for a motorcycle lift because it features all the basic elements required in a lift, it's air operated, and it's not very expensive.

Here are the basic features of a ProCycle Lift:

  • Position safety locking system to ensure the lift stays in its place
  • A vise for locking the front wheel in position
  • A low angle ramp to let the bikes roll on and off the ramp with ease
  • A front extension which increases and decreases the length of the lift in order for usage with various sizes of bikes
  • A sturdy construction and a compact design which allows easy movement and storage.

Pricing for PRO lifts usually range from $ 700-1000.

Safety, Reliability, Strength:

When searching for a motorcycle lift you should always consider safety, reliability and strength.

Some people fret over the cost of these products but that should not allow one to compromise on the quality of the product your safety is far more important.

These are but a few motorcycle lifts that are available on the market that cater to all you'll need and I believe they are the better lifts on the market, and you should consider these first. Unless, building one is something you would consider.

The lift pictured here is a ProCycle XLDT, which is the same as the one above but this one has a 'drop tail' which allows your to work on your wheels easier (recommended).

Home Made Motorcycle Lift.

Home Made Motorcycle Lift.
Home Made Motorcycle Lift.

Build Your Own Motorcycle Lift Table:

home built table lift
home built table lift

If you have some metalwork skill, a welder, and a few other tools, you can build your own lift table for much less than buying a new one. And it will probably be stronger.

The lift pictured above was built by a subscriber to He bought a set of plans for just $9.95, and took some time to build it. He's glad he did because the net result is a lift table that is stronger than anything on the market, and it was not expensive.

But then again, you have to have the time, tools, and skill to do this. You could ask a buddy to help you if you don't have all the tools and skill. It might introduce you to a new hobby or trade. Working with metal is awesome. And building stuff with your own hands is very rewarding. Think about it.

Time really is the issue when it comes down to it. Because building does require your time and patience, so keep that in mind.

Low Cost Option:

Hydraulic Motorcycle Jack
Hydraulic Motorcycle Jack

A low cost option for those of us that won't be building a bike from scratch, and will only do maintenance every couple of months, is a hydraulic motorcycle jack. The Powerzone Hydraulic Motorcycle Jack has some good reviews, and is only $149!

  • Weight Capacity: 1700 lbs. The range that it can lift is 4.5 inches. It is a quality build for the price.
  • It has a hydraulic foot switch which keeps your hands free to keep your bike stable as you lift it.
  • There is a safety mechanism which is basically a safety lock, and it has several positions it can lock in. You can remove the handle as well. In addition there are safety bolts which lock and keep it from rolling.
  • There are rubber pads which will grip and protect your bike or ATV from scratching.
  • It will 'collapse' so that you can store it easily. It will collapse down to just 4.5 inches in height.

Lift Tables For Sale! - Find Quality Motorcycle Lifts At Low Prices:

One of the best places to shop for a lift is on Amazon. They have the best prices and a huge selection.

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