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Pull Behind Motorcycle Trailers

Updated on June 22, 2017
Pull Behind Motorcycle Trailer
Pull Behind Motorcycle Trailer

Pull Behind Motorcycle Trailers

Pull behind motorcycle trailers come in many shapes, sizes and styles. There are open and enclosed trailers.

These motorcycle trailers have to be really light as possible in order to be towed behind the bike. The most common materials used to construct these trailers are either fiberglass or aluminum because of their lightweight properties.

During the summer months you will see many of these trailers being towed behind motorcycles as the riders take to the road on a fun adventure. You can imagine the breeze in your face as you and your family or friends take to the road and explore some interesting places around the country. Some bring camping gear along with them to save on travel costs.

Photos are my own.

Safety Tips for Pull Behind Motorcycle Trailers

Some safety tips for towing a small motorcycle trailer include:

While towing your trailer, you must remember to ride closer to the center of the road. You have the width of your trailer to worry about.

Be careful of the "oil strip" in the center of the road at intersections especially at the beginning of inclement weather {water is heavier than oil and spreads to make a slick surface especially where there is heavy truck traffic.}

Also, watch for uneven road surfaces and road edges which can unbalance the trailer.

It is important to keep enough of the weight forward of the axle center point to maintain a positive hitch load when loading the trailer.

Be aware of your stopping distance because of the extra weight of the trailer.

Many varieties of trailers can be found so check them all out and find the right one for your motorcycle. Travel safe and may you will have many adventures this summer and travel more comfortably with your new motorcycle lightweight trailer.

Black Widow Pull-Behind Hitch-Mount Motorcycle Cargo Trailer

Pull-Behind Hitch-Mount Motorcycle Cargo Trailer
Pull-Behind Hitch-Mount Motorcycle Cargo Trailer

I recommend this trail for the good quality and free shipping. It has 20 cubit of storage and rear lights.


The Legacy - A Pull-behind Motorcycle Cargo Trailer

What Motorcycles We See In Our Area

Most of the time in our area we see side cars with motorcycles instead of the pull behind trailers. One day I was walking along and some fellow zoomed pass me with a large dog riding beside him in his side car. It was really cute to see this and then I saw them again a day or two later. The dog was really hairy and he probably liked the wind pushing the hair out from blocking his eyes.

We used to have a old fellow who was a good friend of ours. He lived to the ripe old age of 94. But when he was around 90 his son decided that he was needed something different for the road that would not use a lot of gas. So he got his father, Woody, and motor bike with a side car. It was really old fashioned looking and the side car was to keep him from tipping over when he stopped or went to slow. It was really interesting to watch woody zip on by while exchanging waves. He had old fashioned riding glasses to wear on the road to keep the bugs out of his eyes.

Then to complete the part he had a old fashioned floppy hat that he liked to wear all the time.

This made the picture perfect and I regret that I never got one of him in this get up.

My husband also likes to ride motorbikes and he looked real tough going down the road except for one thing. He loved cows and wore a white helmet painted with black spots that looked like Holstein cow spots. This helmet looked a little out of place with the rest of his tough guy look. But since at that time he was a relief cow milker for the surrounding farms it went with the job.

He still loves cows today but is retired from that type of work. Dairy farming is one of the hardest jobs around and is is not for wimps or the faint hearted.

What Is Your Favorite?

What is your favorite? A Motorcycle Trailer or Side Car

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