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My first car. 1965 Mini Minor

Updated on November 3, 2014

My first very first car. A 1965 Mini Minor

My very first car, what memories. it felt like it could go faster than a bullet. This wonder small 2 door sedan was my little racer. Invented by Alec Issigonis's. My pre-loved vehicle had seen many owners, but I still loved my fawn coloured convertible. It had split windows and was airy, warm and roomy. What a great invention.

This simple shopping car, now re-invented as a possible racer.

It had cost my friend $850. What a bargain! I was so excited when I saw it sitting on the drive way, shining with all its chrome.

It's engine cc rating was 848, and could go like a demoned processed. My mini had a rounded bonnet and large hinges on the outer parts of the front panel doors. For the inside, the door handle was a pull string opener. Its dashboard was simple, it showed petol, speed and temperature. The previous owner had installed additional gauges to show pressure and oil, for my Mini had been in racing derbies. What a history it must tell. How many cups had it won as it drove around the gravel tracks.

In 1961, John Cooper, picked up the original 1959 design and reworked it, into the Mini Cooper and are in high demand. Today there are none of the old style model in production, and are much sought after.

But as all good things go, my mini reached it's cell by date and had to go into retirement. But, what happy memories, travelling for 100's of miles. From Northland to Wellington. What a history. That old girl could go.

Mini Groupie

Ready, Get Set, Go.

This rally is where approximately 15 - 20 classic Minis gather to start up a race. This is very serious business.

What was you very first car???

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    • Random thoughts2 profile image

      Random thoughts2 4 years ago

      We all love our first thing ... isn't ?

    • profile image

      Internet-marketing1 4 years ago

      Remarkable Car and I still love it

    • lesliesinclair profile image

      lesliesinclair 4 years ago

      It was a Morris Minor, in 1964, but it was old then.

    • Adventuretravels profile image

      Giovanna Sanguinetti 4 years ago from London UK

      A mini Minor! It was yellow and I absolutely loved it - it's name was Limone (Italian for Lemon!) Even though it was small, it seemed to always fit everyone and everything in - a bit like Dr Who's Tardis. But, sadly, one day the rust got the better of it - I could actually see the road whiz past as I drove along. So I sold it for £50. I still miss my mini. Thanks for this lens it brought back sweet memories.