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my moto scooter FAQ

Updated on September 25, 2009

Most people make the mistake of not doing all their research when they are looking into getting their first moto scooter and they end up disappointed or they spend to much money. This is why I have put together this article that will hopefully answer some of the most frequently asked questions about buying a motor scooter. I am thinking about buying a scooter can you give me some reasons why I should? well apart from the fact that they are so easy to park, you can always find a small space to use, they are the most fuel efficient modes of transport you can get and with the price of fuel these days and getting more expensive, these little pocket bikes sip a small 3l/100k. Don't forget the most important reason "they are incredible fun to drive"

I have heard of these but What is a Moto Scooter?

These are basically miniature versions of the full size bikes some of them are small enough to be picked up and carried around under your arm, they are powered my a small motor similar to a full size bike but usually they employ a gas powered engine.

Where did they come from?

We belive that the origins of the mini scooter is found in Japan where sports enthusiast started to make small replicas of their favorite sports bike that would actually work and you could ride them. But the real trend only started to get popular in other countries when they started to race the moto scooters then a huge following started to emerge in Europe where the popularity continues to grow.


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