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Negotiating For Your First Car

Updated on May 7, 2011

Angela and Mark purchased their first car, when Angela was entering into her second year of college. They both made the decision to purchase a car, because they were in desperate need of transportation. Mark worked during the day and Angela worked at night.

The first attempt came, when an ex-girlfriend's uncle decided to sell his Thunderbird. Angela wasn't too agreeable with the idea, but they made arrangements to see the car anyway on Saturday.

On Saturday, Angela and Mark arrived at the uncle's house and there set the Thunderbird in the driveway. The psychedelic colors of orange, blue, yellow, red and green were a bit out there and so was the uncle. The uncle was dressed like a blast from the past 60's. Mark took the keys, jumped into the drivers seat and started the car. It sounded very loud as though the Thunderbird was in need of a muffler. Mark drove up to the nearby store, and on the mini-highway near the house. They sat down and came up with a price of $500. The uncle had the car's title in hand and Mark was ready to sign, but Angela wasn't ready to fork over 500 bucks.

Angela told Mark, she need to look at the car one more time. Mark knew what was bothering Angela, it was the paint job. Angela told Mark yes, he was right, but that wasn't the only thing. The interior of the car was a problem too. The car seats had sheepskin covers along with matching floor mats. Mark said ok, lets get it over with.

As Angela approached the car, she could still smell the gas fumes which intensified even more when she sat in the car.  Angela pulled the mat on the driver and passenger side up, and she found worn holes in the floor of the car. The holes were the size of  Mark's shoe. Angela stood up and removed the covers off of the driver's seat, nothing but foam. She meant the orange foam.

Anglea told Mark, no way were they going to buy this car. So back to the drawing board, this time they decided to add another 500 bucks. They picked up a newspaper and searched the classifieds. Angela and Mark were in luck, they found the perfect car being sold during an estate auction.

The estate belong to an old lady, her only son who looked like he was eighty years old, was in charge of the sale. The man was getting ready to move to a retirement home in Florida. Anglea and Mark were very lucky, because no one showed up. The date in the newspaper was wrong, it was suppose to say Saturday, May 15, 1981 instead of Monday, May 15, 1981.

The old man couldn't believe the mistake the newspaper had made. Well, he took Angela and Mark out to the garage, where his mother's 1970 Oldsmobile was parked. Angela went into instant shock, Mark again jumped into the driver's seat and took off.

When Mark returned, Angela gave the Oldsmobile the same check, she had given the Thunderbird. Angela was very pleased. No, Angela was ecstatic, especially after the old man agree to the price of $1000 dollars. To all you first time buyers, patience is the key along with looking over your car from top to bottom. Just because it is your first car, it does not mean you have to settle for whatever comes along.


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