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Nitrous Systems for Motorcycles

Updated on October 20, 2017

Typical Motorcycle Forum Questions:

Online Motorcycle Forums can be great resources for connecting with others in the motorcycling community. They can also be convenient sources to use to gather information.

Unfortunately, many of the best firum threads get so many comments that the best answers are quickly buried. Below are some typical Motorcycle Forum questions regarding the designing and installation of Nitrous Oxide Systems on motorcycles and ATVs.

- I want to add NOS to my motorcycle; what's the best nitrous system for a Gixxer/ Hayabusa/ Ninja/ Harley/ ATV/ whatever?

- Can I make my own system Nitrous Oxide System? Should I buy a kit?

- Where can I get the best price on a NOS Kit?

All great questions - Read on for some great answers...

Nitrous Oxide for Motorcycles

Q: Can I make my own Nitrous Oxide System?

A: Yes you can but, If you knew how you wouldn't have asked the question.

Q: Should I buy a kit?

A: Yes, this will get you the best performance, longevity and value.

Bottom Line - what do you want to get out of your NO2 system? Do you want less-than-optimal performance? Do you want an amateurish looking set up? Do you want to ruin your engine? Of course not!

Q: What's the best nitrous system for a Gixxer/ Hayabusa/ Ninja/ Harley/ ATV/ whatever? Where can I buy a NOS kit for the best price?

A: it's hard to beat the Original NOS and it's hard to beat Amazon!

Choosing a Nitrous System for a bike takes more care than for a car:

  • You can't learn by trial and error. If you make a mistake and blow the intake manifold off your car, you'll probably be really upset. If you blow the head off your bike engine, and your legs are straddling that engine at 70 mph, you'll have a whole different set of worries.
  • Your Motorcycle Nitrous System has to look good. You can't hide that rusty, nasty looking bottle in your trunk. You can't hide those hardware store fittings under your hood. Even if you hide your system, you're still gonna show it to some people - it's got to look Good.

If you care about your bike, your reputation and about staying up on two wheels, you'll choose a top quality system that's been engineered specifically for motorcycles.

NOS Kit for Motorcycles/ATVs


Insane 218 mph Hayabusa Running a Nitrous Oxide System

Nitrous on a Motorcycle?

Nitrous Oxide on a Bike - Good or Bad?

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If you're shopping for anything motorcycle related, please consider purchasing it through this page (hey, I gotta' eat, right?). If you're looking for something that's not featured on this page please let me know - I have affiliations with many distributors and may be able to find what you're looking for. Good luck on your project.


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