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A Plethora of Old Yellow Cars & A Few Young Ones Make The Road Safer

Updated on June 15, 2013

Yellow Cars Brighten Up The Vehicle Landscape With Safety

Name the cars shown in this article and have the satisfaction of sharing your knowledge of contemporary and oldster vehicles. Earn points and tag yourself as a champ.

Back in the day when I had my elderly Volvo 740GL painted a vivid buttercup yellow it caused quite a stir in my parking lot. At that time the only bright yellow cars on the road in our metropolitan area were taxis. They have an almost neon glow about them, a tint of green in the mix.

I chose a deep warm yellow from the auto painter's huge paint sample formula catalog, while he stood there in disbelief that I would paint and old sedan such a color. We went through the pale tints and lemon shades, but they were too wimpy or too acid for me.

Then I settled on what he called Mercedes Benz Yellow. It was a color I'd seen years ago on some fancy sports car, and later on early sport model SUVs. Doubtfully, he accepted my order and set a due date and I rushed out into the blustery Winter rain to catch the first of three buses home.

Returning on the specified date I couldn't stop smiling when I caught sight of the egg-yolk yellow car. Only then did I feel like it really belonged to me. My previous car had been totaled when a box truck failed to see my golden tan car stopped at a red light. My mom had broken several vertebrae and needed me at her side some 85 miles away, so I rushed my car shopping project and settled on the gold Volvo, although I found the color distasteful. So I was delighted to transform it from the gloomy tan to nurturing yellow.

PHOTO SKETCH by Dylan Tweney

Fine Old Yellow Truck Design

Fine Old Yellow Truck Design
Fine Old Yellow Truck Design

You Want to Have a Yellow Car of Your Own? - If you're already rarin' to go - here are some art supplies

2013 Chevrolet Camaro COPO RC Remote Control Sports Car 1:24 Scale Model (White)
2013 Chevrolet Camaro COPO RC Remote Control Sports Car 1:24 Scale Model (White)

The bright yellow of this remote controlled car makes it easy to spot on the racetrack or in the grass. Maybe this is the only yellow car on your list.


In My Region Yellow Cars Are Found Around Every Bend

Do you see yellow cars in your neighborhood?

My Fine Old Yellow Volvo With New Paint Job

Old Volvos like this one are a dime a dozen around here. Most of them seem to be the same old drab tan color that must have seemed tasteful in their prime.

Painting my car this color had a two-fold purpose. 1)Feeling the warm glow of the paint job every time I looked at the car was an attraction to me, rather than cringing at the tired old tan. Giving others a warm happy experience was a consequent goal, one that was readily confirmed day after day.

2)I figured a vivid yellow car would be harder for a careless driver to miss seeing and whack into me on the road. And I think it's true since after 14 years of driving it was dent-free when I turned it in - no nicks or scratches, only a couple tiny flakes at the edge of the front door.

Neighbors and strangers alike were easy in their comments each time someone happened to pass by when got out of the car. Comments ranged from cool from the younger folk, to I didn't realize Volvo painted cars yellow or that's the first yellow Volvo I've ever seen; it looks great.

photo copyrighted by Leslie Sinclair


His Deep Yellow Car

is a metaphor for the status and elegance

of wealth passed on for generations

It is a stand-in

giving the appearance of

inherited money,

to Gatsby's way of thinking

Yellow and Gatsby

Classy Old Yellow With Fins

This mellow yellow was popular in my youth so it brings back inherently warm memories.

Sunny Electric Cars Bounce Around Town

You know what it's like when you get a new car - suddenly you see the same make and model car everywhere you look. As soon as I bought a Volvo I noticed others. Same thing with the paint job, and I began to spot dandelion hued cars all over the place.

Take this tiny car - it's cute, but it's so small it seems a bit like putting an engine into a Norwester and expecting protection from not only rain squalls on the seas, but also from crashes.

Photo copyrighted by Leslie Sinclair

Long Swath of Golden Yellow

Never one to recognize makes of cars, I especially enjoy the old unknown models. They remind me of the incomprehension of youth - the notion that parents and older ancestors possessed a wealth of knowledge that remained shrouded in mystery to a youngster.

Photograph by Leslie Sinclair

Rich Orangy Yellow Out The Window

Traveling by train has its pleasures, especially when you enjoy spotting yellow cars out the window.

Photo by Leslie Sinclair, another of my articles.

The Really Big Yellow Guys

As a child I was mesmerized by the monstrous vehicles at Fairbank's Yukon Equipment Company, the mega business my father ran back in the 40s and 50s. To me they meant Alaska, so was I ever surprised to see their cousins tearing down hillsides out of Los Angeles when we paid an extended visit to family.

Photograph by Leslie Sinclair. Photographer's Article

I really

just want to be

warm yellow light

that pours over

everyone I love.

Conor Oberst

A Fleet of Buttery Yellow Plumber's Trucks

Since I enjoy yellow cars so much, one would think these trucks might be favorites too, but it just seemed out of place to have them all penned up, as seen from my moving train.

Photograph by Leslie Sinclair Read more about the author

Hot Shot Flashy New Pickup

During my hurried search that ended with purchase of my Volvo I toyed for an instant with buying a gorgeous redone pickup, era 40s, and never forgot how fun it would have been to drive. This number has all the contemporary bells and whistles, but it wouldn't have felt the same to me.

Photo by Leslie Sinclair

You Can Do This Too

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Reminiscing With The Big Yellow Guys

Strolling around outside at a grief processing workshop after the death of a parent I came across these toys - identical to those of my childhood, and felt a tug of sadness and warmth.

Photograph by Leslie Sinclair

Read another of my articles here.

Deep Sunny Yellow Sport Vehicle

I learned to drive in a Jeep - not really the brand - but a generic Jeep-like vehicle, so those old 4-wheel drive military styled vehicles are pretty nifty to me. I snapped this shot out on the sidewalk this sunny morning.

Photo by Leslie Sinclair

Read another article by this author.

Even Banged Up This Car Looks Sporty

The first day I drove my new white car to the park for a walk along the lake it was Walk Your Dog day at the park. I parked up the hill and set off towards the park. I came across this middle-aged convertible and couldn't resist getting a picture of it for some future article.

Photo by Leslie Sinclair

There's Even Working Yellow Train Cars

That rich amber yellow piqued my interest, when I spotted the train moving past my sleeping car window. The color stood out markedly from the darker muted shades of the other cars. I guess it's like having a favorite yellow kitty, like I did, that opens the heart to like colored things, in this case, cars.

Photo by Leslie Sinclair

The Main Yellow Fellows

Here's a contemporary example of our city's taxi cabs. Usually they are bright yellow with a touch of green, a color I tried to avoid.

Some of my neighbors were outraged when they first saw my yellow car, calling it Taxi Cab Yellow. But what they reacted to was the intensity, not the tone. Tone means both hue (color) and the degree to which it is tempered by it's opposite or a nearby color on the color wheel - a little too sophisticated to address in response to the accusation. Some even called it Neon Yellow! But to me it was a warm egg yolk yellow I never tired of seeing.

Photo by Leslie Sinclair

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Kids' Cars & The Emergency Stick & Vacuum

Fisher-Price Exotic Car - Shake & Go Racers
Fisher-Price Exotic Car - Shake & Go Racers

Here's the only neon yellow car I'd go for. I think it would be fun to have the hot shot brightest car on the race track.

1/18 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera Radio Remote Control Car
1/18 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera Radio Remote Control Car

For my grandkids I'd pick this yellow or orange racing car. It goes eight miles-per-hour! Wow - that would really zip around the corner, or down the block.

BLACK+DECKER CHV1410L 16V Cordless Lithium Hand Vacuum
BLACK+DECKER CHV1410L 16V Cordless Lithium Hand Vacuum

4.5 Stars in 247 Reviews, this cordless vacuum is the one for my new car. There are no power outlets available down in my parking garage, so I must have a cordless vac.

It surprises me to see that my new car mats already need vacuuming, after 6 weeks, but since it's such a joy to drive I'm taking along more passengers and driving much more often than with the Yellow Volvo.


Do Yellow Cars Appeal To You? Are You Much Less Likely to Run Into One? Any Thoughts About Car Colors?

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    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      5 years ago

      Very cute lens.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I like cars and I like yellow!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Such a fun lens! Yellow is mellow!


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