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Pink Car Accessories for Girls

Updated on August 31, 2017

Pink Car Accessories for Girls

When most people think of car accesories they probably think of men, men love car accessories as a gift or present but were living in modern times and car accessories can be just as nice to give a girl as a man. Due to recent surveys its been proven that women customise there cars the same as if not more than men. Women love modifying there cars interiors especially and because of this a big percentage of car styling, car accessories and specifically womens pink car accessories sell more than a lot of the other car styling accessories.


I know it might seem like a terrible stereotype but you only need to see the amount of products on the market to see how popular pink is with girls, you can buy anything in pink nowadays from pink iphone covers to pink dog dresses well car styling accessories is no different. You can purchase almost any type of car styling accessories you can possibly think of from seat covers, to pink fluffy dice, here is a list of car accessories that can be purchased for girls.


Yes it might seem gastly to some of you men but these are a typical item that are available to buy in pink, you can buy yourself a set of pink seat civers in leather, fluffy or cloth from as little as $28 and for that you get great quality products.Pink Racing seats available in various shapes and sizes and in various shades of pink to suit every girls seating dreams.


Replacing your eboots and shift knobs is usually very easy, simply twist or pull them off and replace with a nice hot pink leather or cloth or even dymantie embedded part or even handle to add that very pink glam look.


You can also buy rubber and various styles of pink car mats now, with logos, names, brand of car or even the popular Hello Kitty pictures on them along with themed hello kitty seat belt covers to improve comfort and replace from the standard stock ones to a bright hot pink color.


As well as these pink car accessories theyre are plenty of others to choose from, all improving and generally girlyfying the interior of your car check out more pink car accessories and pink styling parts at Pink Car Accessories


Pink Car Accessories

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    • Senora M profile image

      Senora M 5 years ago

      I love pink

    • profile image

      liamb2011 5 years ago

      great that they make parts that cater for all

    • chinasinoyobd profile image

      chinasinoyobd 6 years ago

      I think my girl friend will love it.

    • profile image

      Performancecars 6 years ago

      Good lens but not to my taste