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Portable Jump Starter

Updated on July 5, 2011

Car jump starters are among the indispensable items that should be found in the trunks of vehicles. The defined "jump start" as a method of starting an automobile or other internal combustion engine-powered vehicle having a discharged battery. Hence, they serve as an emergency jump starter during times when the the battery runs down in a location where there is no available garage facility. It is common that car owners may neglect to turn their car lights off causing its battery to go flat.

The featured an Article regarding the comparative performance of each jump starter model. The tests were made in four vehicles of various sizes and relatively, the devices were assessed in terms of performance according to their sizes and costs. Certain inconsistencies were observed in dealing with both large portable jump starters and the smaller models. The recharging capabilities are also taken into account giving emphasis about considering the reusable capacity of the model.  

Hence, in choosing the right portable jump starter for one's car, the following must be taken into account:

1. the reusable capacity of device after first use;

2. the compatibility in amperage and voltage of battery with jump starter specifications;

3. the necessity of periodic charging or the average time when device losses charge over time;

4. the size and storage issues for the device;

5. the reliability of the device's brand or reputation in the market; and

6. most importantly, the cost.

As indicated in the, Everest jump starter is among the top quality products that is rampant in the market today when it comes with portable jump starters. They originate from China supplied by a trusted source of manufacturers.

Although it seems like there are much things to consider in choosing the right portable jump starter, the explained that portable power pack products are already less difficult to purchase nowadays. This is in view of the existence of many websites wherein jump starter consumers may readily access all variety of offers online. Doing research and studying consumer reports will help lead you to the best portable jump starter according to the With this, three important keys may come to mind on whether the device is easy to use, effective, and will fit your budget. In general, the discussed that portable jump starter prices may range between $50-$300. Those that have more tech savvy features will usually cost more.

As a safety reminder, the mentioned that one must wear a particular type of goggles known as poly carbonate goggles. They are of Z-87 destination and commonly used for automotive repair.

A portable jump starter is said to be especially helpful for car owners with an older vehicle because they tend to have frequent battery issues. Long distance travel, cold climates and simple car lights neglect are instances that cannot be avoided by every driver on the roads. Hence, bringing along the most indispensable device is vital for hassle-free travels and peace of mind not just during long trips but also for everyday emergencies. 


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      Madama 6 years ago from Harrisburg PA

      Very informative. Thanks for sharing!