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Safety, Savings and Sass with a Red Chevy Sonic

Updated on February 11, 2013

Are you looking for a fun, affordable and safe car? Think about a red Chevy Sonic!

We didn't buy the red one, but we noticed them. However, if red is your color for a car, then I really think you'll love the appealing features of a Chevy Sonic. I've been noticing the model for nearly a year, and while I'm not a car enthusiast, I knew that our family needed a few important options that this design had. We needed something affordable, both to buy and to run. We needed something that was safe. We wanted something local, and we only have a couple of options in our small town. The local interest got us in the door. The preliminary research and the test drive sold us. The sassy design of the vehicle, of course, is a bonus!

Image Credit: InSapphoWeTrust at Flikr

Are You Looking For a New Car?

We debated between new and used...there are some great protection plans for new vehicles, and that mattered. If you select the Sonic from Chevrolet, you'll see the value quickly. The electronics are incredible, even for those who think they are pretty car savvy. What are your priority concerns?

What is your top interest in a new vehicle?

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Chevy Sonic Fuel Economy

According to the window sticker and to, the Sonic gets 25 mpg in the city and 35 mpg on the highway. Combined mileage is 28. This will vary by user. Our average thus far is about 28. This is in a rural community with a combination of long stretches and short stop and go driving.

The Exterior: Sassy Style and Fun in a Red Sonic Sedan

Let's start with the sass! The sonic is cute. There are lots of perspectives on cars. Some find them sleek or chic. Some find them snazzy or classy. I see sassy and cute! This wasn't the draw, but it is a bonus. The compact is a far cry from that Toyota Corolla my mom brought home from a dealership in the late 70s. We lived with economy cars for errand running throughout my childhood, travelling the country in a little Pinto wagon. We did much of our running around town during the late 70s and early 80s in the Corolla. Imagine a family of 7 traveling in such a vehicle. We could get away with it because seat belt laws weren't an issue at the time. Neither were car seat laws. Our new Sonic seats five. The exterior is attractive. The interior is really neat.

We looked at the hatchback models, and they are also very sassy. However, trunk space is limited. I need to be able to transport some supplies on my big city treks.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Red Sonic for Valentines Day

If you need a fun Valentine's Day gift for your spouse, then a red Chevrolet Sonic is a great idea.

The Sassy Red Sonic Hatchback

Image Credit: DrivingtheNortheast at Flikr

Commuting and Warranties

If you do a lot of driving, you may exceed the miles on your warranty rather quickly. Don't miss the fact that some insurance providers now have basic maintenance insurance, BMI, available. Similar to protection plans and extended warranties, they may provide you with some extra peace of mind about malfunctions after your initial warranty expires.

Sonic Interior: Safety, Fuel Info and More - Driving a Giant Computer, Cellphone, GPS and more!

If you think the exterior is sassy, you haven't even begun to imagine the interior. It's like learning to use your first PC. It's overwhelming. It's exciting. It's unbelievable. If you've driven some of these modern vehicles, then maybe you aren't impressed right now. I am. I'm still shaking my head.

During the test drive, we discussed fuel economy. I joked that you might expect such a technologically advanced car to tell you what your current fuel economy was. I didn't expect the salesman to direct me to the menu button on the left lever. Yes, indeed, the fuel economy of your vehicle can be provided based on how the car is currently driving. Talk about sticking my foot in my mouth!

The center of the wheel includes bluetooth connection buttons for your cellphone along with the ability to operate your radio. You can select your stations and adjust volume right there. No reaching and being distracted. No worries for me about leaving my bluetooth in a pocket and washing it. This solves my driving hands free and talking issues, although it's a little pricey for a bluetooth! Of course, we didn't pick it out for this reason. Just a bonus.

My husband loves the fact that you can use the manual shift feature, enabling you to drive as if you were in a stick shift vehicle. You can easily transition back to automatic if manual isn't your thing. Excellent! Best of both worlds, I must say!

Image Credit: PeltierChevy at Flikr

On the Road with OnStar - Security Features in Chevy Sonic

The OnStar aspect of your Chevy Sonic may be one of the worst or greatest features depending on your interests. For some, it's too connected for comfort. You don't have to have OnStar, but it's integral in the vehicle's operation. For others, it provides peace of mind for long lonely road trips, maintenance, and other concerns.

The subscription costs about $200 per year if you skip the directions feature, $300 if you include it. You can also load minutes for calling from your car when your cellphone won't suffice. Yes, your car gets its own number. This comes in handy in a large state with lots of remote highway and poor cellphone coverage. If you lose a signal at mile marker X and run out of gas just after that, you can get help. It's happened to us without that satellite access. Not fun. OnStar provides roadside assistance. So does GM. Lots of help if it's needed.

Your OnStar diagnostics are amazing. Our first diagnostic told us that one of the tires was low. You get a monthly email of issues and status. You can also request on-demand diagnostics if the engine light comes on. A cellphone app gives you in-hand access to this information. Your app can even unlock or start your car remotely! Very interesting.

Image Credit: Stradablog at Flikr

Teen Drivers and OnStar

If you've ever worried about the whereabouts of your teenage driver, then the OnStar system may prove to bring you peace of mind with location services and connection through satellite phone. On our lonely roads, it's nice to know that there's an added level of protection for an inexperienced teenager going to work or to a social event.

Will you be test driving a red Chevy Sonic?

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