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Reverse License Plate Search

Updated on May 15, 2010

The vehicle license plate is more than just some numbers that you put on the back of your car.  These important numbers help to identify you to your car.  You probably know when the police pulls you over for speeding, they check your driver’s license and also your registration.  They are matching you to your vehicle through your license plate and making sure it’s not a stolen car.  Some other ways people have used license plate numbers is to find the address of someone.  There are many cases of people being involved in hit and run accidents and the victim was able to get the license plate number down.  Whatever the case may be, you’ll need to do a reverse license plate search. 

A reverse license plate search would not only provide you the address of the person you are looking for, but you would also obtain information such as make and model of the vehicle.  The police are able to access their database when they do license and registration checks on people.  For you, however, you can’t just use their database whenever you want. 

Instead, you have to go through over venues in order to do a reverse license plate search.  First, you can go online and use the several reverse license plate search online services that are readily available.  These services allow you to enter a license plate number and then they will provide you the person’s name, address, registration information, etc.  This process is usually pretty quick and the price for this is pretty reasonable.  Be sure you find a service that will provide you the information that you want or offers some type of money back guarantee if you don’t get the information that you want. 

Another way to do a reverse license plate number search is to hire a private investigator.  These guys will personally handle your case and do the entire search for you.  Not only can they do a reverse license plate search, but if you have other information, they could use that as well to find the person you are looking for.  Their prices can vary depending on what type of information that you are looking for.   If you want to use a PI, you should also check out his credentials.  Make sure he has a license for operating in your state.  Also check to see if he has any complaints against him.


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      doingbig 5 years ago

      I found for only $4.95 (5 Days Full Access). It's lowest price point that I've found on entire internet for such searches.