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self help auto repair articles collection index

Updated on June 21, 2011

Auto repair and maintenance information is linked here.

The articles include analysis of common electronic, electrical mechanical, suspension and chassis problems on a wide range of Australian, American, Japanese, Korean and European cars from the plain family sedan to the exotic.This hub will grow as I write more articles so it may be one to bookmark.

If you need assistance with car, motorcycle or automotive repair equipment problem feel free to ask in the comments at the bottom of the hub.Many fine motor mechanics and engineers read my auto articles and often reply with help in the comments as you will see.

74 Honda "double knocker" twin overhead camshaft 450cc
74 Honda "double knocker" twin overhead camshaft 450cc
My Honda Gold Wing
My Honda Gold Wing
6 Cylinder Honda
6 Cylinder Honda


The interior of the E36
The interior of the E36

New model Clarity.

The new Honda Clarity (2010) is miles better than the already spectacular 2005 design as tested on Top Gear.
The new Honda Clarity (2010) is miles better than the already spectacular 2005 design as tested on Top Gear.

If you own a BMW you may enjoy reading my hubs about design faults and what to look for when running or buying a used BMW.

I also have several hubs on buying used cars in general with tips you can only get from a pro buyer who made a good living out of used vehicles. Unlike the guy on the English TV show "Wheeler Dealer" I cost the mechanic's expected salary in to any car I buy. Every time I watch the show I think "You lost money again!" I don't know how his mechanic gets paid unless it's for TV appearances and producing and presenting the show.

I have many articles on current hybrids including the brilliant Honda Clarity vertical hydrogen fuel cell upgrade for 2010 onwards and a heavily researched hub that totally and completely debunks the "run your car on water" scam.

If you have considered buying a new car, then the choices are not as wide as you may think.

Many of the new cars today, especially compact autos, are based on components from the new parent company. There are many such as the new Volvo which is not a Volvo at all, or many of the brand names being built on a Volkswagen Golf in all ways except body style and trim. You may no longer know where your chosen make or model is made or even who made it unless you stay up with the current buy-outs, factory closures and re-badging.

Many cars are now manufactured in countries that seem well out of step with modern production methods, who have produced absolute rubbish in the past and may do so still for all we know.

Time will tell, but I am not an automotive pioneer in the sense of trusting products made in new plants. If Honda release a new car I would consider it, but if it is manufactured in a country known for it's shonky automotive products with a long history of design faults, I will wait and see before I put my trust in their assembly of my car.


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    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 7 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Great to know your son is starting out for himself. If he enjoys it he will succeed well. Tell him to look at the new ring spanners that have an "elbow" I used one on a job yesterday and they are the best idea in 20 years.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      My son is teaching himself how to repair cars. He is now asking friends over and service their cars, to learn and hopefully by word or mouth getting started.