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fastest cars that looks nice

Updated on May 16, 2013

Sexiest & Fastest Cars

When it comes to sexy and cars these two words can hardly be used for some cars but for these , these are the only words you can use. From Ferrari to Aston Martin these companies have brought us some of the best looking eyes the world. When we look at the way that cars have advanced you cannot help but think maybe designers were better back when we were in the 90’s rather than now.

Ferrari 250 GTO

This car in its day was a stunner, this was way back in the olden days when Ferrari was considered as one of those cars that were rare but not as glorified as it is today. This car however was a glorious car, it was rare and I mean rare. There weren’t a lot of them which were made in their day only 36 in fact but this car had the perfect balance between road and track and it out-performed many.

Lotus Esprit
Lotus Esprit | Source

Lotus Esprit

This cars is yes beautiful but not in a natural looking way, this is the kind of beauty that is found in Geometry. Of course you can say that a car is not supposed to look sharp and square, but in those days this car was one of the prettiest thing around, inside and outside. The beauty about this car was that Lotus made it work, you know the speeding but no moving thing that everyone in the sports car industry is trying to do? That is what lotus achieved , in those days this was an achievement.

Aston Martin DB9

This car is by far one of the most beautiful cars of the modern day, next to the city boxes that people drive around in today this is elegance. The car has a certain cool but professional feel sort of like a young daddy thing going on. The Composure of this car comes from the lightweight carbon-fibre body with that front grill and those headlights that is a looker.


This is the car out of the Bond movie series of the 90’s and the car is one of the most beautiful things made by man. The car has a look that cannot be described by anything else other than beauty, it was stunning. These days you have to pay around £200,000 for one of these and this is to get one a good one you would pay more. The car unfortunately does not come with the rockets and missile from the bond series however it is still a stunning car. Park this in your drive, and your neighbours will know that you have soul.

Lamborghini Miura

This car is owned by lengends , driven by real ‘drivers’ and a master piece from a company that started out making tractors. When it comes to actually making this car the designer must have been picturing a very beautiful lady. The sleek body shape of the coupe and the headlight eyelashes are just some of the highlights of this car, not to mention it is incredibly fast as well. If you have your money and have seen one of these there is no doubt that it has already seduced you into buying one.

Ferrari Dino 206 GT

Now even though when it came out this was not actually a Ferrari, it didn’t make it any less appealing. This car had it all a great engine the body of a goddess and the ability to have so much impact on Enzo that he named the car after his son. When the Owner of Ferrari names a car after his son you know that it has to be something special. It was launched in 1967 and has been around till now , this just shows how durable these are.

Jaguar XKL

Now this car just encompasses GB at the height of it car production career in my view. This car is one of the classiest and underrated cars of the world. The car has that cool classic look that show a true gentleman or a true lady was driving it. It looks great in the country’s colours and even better in the colour of baby blue. This car was never made for performance but it was designed for aesthetics just understand that this car is one of the best at what it was made to do.

Jaguar E type

This is the classic old, e type Jag that we have all known to love, this car is one of the prettiest things in green. I have tried to hate the colour so bad but when I saw this car I couldn’t believe it, it is one of those cars you want to own just so people can see you have an eye for beauty. Of course the suspension is not the best and it is not the fastest car in the world but I do believe that when it comes to taking the crow for the most beautiful car. This does take the cake.

Jag E-type
Jag E-type | Source

Most Beautiful Car in the world

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