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Shackle Lift Versus Leaf Spring Lift

Updated on July 23, 2010

Both shackle lift and leaf spring lift serves the same function and that is to elevate your car's traditional height. However most off-loading enthusiasts choose leaf spring lift over the other, some claiming that leaf spring promotes safer and smother handling and appears aesthetic however there are some that says shackle is safer because it slows down your vehicle and it can easily be installed. In this article we will define both lifts and see which is better.

Advantages of Leaf Springs

  • It helps your vehicle to properly handle all heavy tasks
  • You will not lose proper handling when you are off-roading
  • It is very simple to install can easily be built.
  • It is very inexpensive

Having a leaf spring installed in your vehicle will give you one or two inches lift at the same time develops your vehicle load capacity. These are installed on your truck's frame on both ends using a set of U-bolts to hold the axe in the center.

The leaf spring lift package is made up of spring strips or leafs which are held in place by a tough steel straps. Junkyard engineers most often than not use leaf springs because it can add up an inch or two on your vehicle without altering the suspension completely.

Advantages of a Shackle lift

  • Effective on the steadiness of your vehicle steering handle
  • It is very inexpensive
  • Slows down the vehicle for thorough control

The shackle lift is considered as one of the cheapest lift kits there ever is. These are generally used for truck enthusiast who aims to get bigger tires but are not into extreme off road driving. These lift greatly concerns the vehicle's handling control and steering wheel.

Shackles are basically used to attach the leaf springs into the suspension or the frame of your truck. Using the spring eye bolt, the shackles are attached to the eye of the spring.

Replacing your stock with shackles are used to will help you get a little more height and if you have more budget to spare, you can get a greasable types of shackles that will help lengthen the life of your bushings not to mention the significantly low occurrence of squeaks.

There are basically three kinds of shackles lifts and they are the flip, longer shackle, and shackle relocation. The installation of the flip can be a bit complicated and may be unsafe when not used with proper kit. The longer shackles on the other are a very good choice however it limits your lift to juts one and up to two inches only. However longer shackle may lead to accidents because it lowers the spring rate resulting to tippy and risky driving.

The shackle relocation is definitely the best in terms of suspension asymmetry, you can have a few more inches lift as compared to the other two, however when deciding to install this you have to make sure that you strengthen the bolt hole with a 3 inch high frame using a 1/8 inch plate iron.

Rear Suspension: Coil Spring vs Leaf Spring

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