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Searching for Signal Stat 77-556

Updated on July 9, 2014

red lens with clear plate-illumination window

I am searching for a replacement lens for my motorcycle tail light - the lens is marked Signal Stat 77-556 and is similar to the one pictured on the left and in the link below:

Peterson Manufacturing 135R Red Oblong Clearance/Side Marker Light with Reflex Reflector.

The original lens is marked Signal Stat 77-556 but it's not the common version - it's red and it has a white/clear license plate illuminating window on its shoulder.

Please see the description below and contact me through the "Contact" button on the ToTheBrimm Profile Page if you have one for sale or can point me toward one that's for sale. Many thanks.


  • Marked "Signal Stat 77-556"

  • 4"x2" oval

  • Red

  • White/clear window on the shoulder of the lens. This is what makes the lens that I'm looking for so unusual - the solid red lenses are readily available. The white/clear window is used to illuminate a license plate - it makes for a very clean look.

The shape is the standard 4"x2" oblong clearance/side-marker light that many companies have made throughout the years - Federal Mogul, Dietz and Peterson to name just a few. A comparable part from any manufacturer will work for my purposes. Two screws held the original in place, but I'll consider a modern pop-in style lens if available.

SignalStat 77 556

I have this set to search eBay 24/7 for the lens that I'm looking for - a Signal Stat 77-556 in red with a white/clear license plate illuminator. No luck so far...just a lot of green lenses or solid red lenses.

I can't be the only one that's ever had this type of light!

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