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Parts Washer with Jet Spray and Hand Detail Cleaning

Updated on August 12, 2011
MaxJet TL2W-EZ
MaxJet TL2W-EZ

In our last writing, we detailed how large parts washers were sometimes needed. We now go to the other end as we introduce the TL2W-EZ. This amazing unit packs a punch for its size. It also has a feature many have asked for. This unit features a combination hand detail and drying rack along with the jet spray cabinet feature.

This is the perfect unit to use in the work cell or for rebuilding smaller components when starting up a large unit is too much. It makes a good second unit for the technicians working in areas away from a main parts washer.

With reduced heat to allow hand cleaning, we also have available a solution designed for lower temperature operations.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your cleaning applications large or small. For more information, please visit us online at KC Quality Systems.

Small Jet Spray Parts Washer


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