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smashed bumper repairimg

Updated on March 27, 2011

A simple way to reliably manage and highly fractured little plastic and resin parts with a cloth.
In this case the process was seriously broken bumper, but this color to the extent required for a small probability, so it need not be painted.
The processing of the same buffer watch out half a liter of resin, glass fabric, glass fabric filler with half a pound, the average glaistasapie 150gr, 300gr of Filer, paint and varnish on 200gr +. Substances are listed below for the fix described in the buffer, so each case is far different.
The buffer was severely cracked, with a cloth before the resin is broken for modeling cracks and need to clean until the crust is sharp or will recess to make the most comfortable angle grinder, then I recommend everything by hand with a large scrub with sandpaper (40-60nr) to ensure better adhesion.

the other side

affixing the first layer of resin with a cloth, the first layer is best to use a pint glass cloth because he did not fall and have a solid structure.

adding other layers to better and more convenient to use chopped fiberglass, resins, it absorbs more and more susceptible to sticking holes, and the various curves, the best fabric to make a recess until leveling off.

Dean's work to strike an appropriate level, it is best to use angle grinder, grinding Do not forget that it raises a lot of dust so I recommend it to a well-ventilated room and use a respirator.

the required local primed with a glass fabric, preferably from the first time it spread over then cleaning the film spakliuoti and scrub, and trigger level, and less wasted time.

 following priming with normal primer, I recommend a new prime all the places where the fabric has been added and which were primed glass-cloth coat, and remove any remaining bumps and left so many shy 'eye sockets. "

 Buffer finally deleted after priming with 60-100nr dry abrasive sandpaper.

 then spraying buffer Filer 2-4 layers thick and rubbed where the bumper is painted with acrylic paint is sufficient to demolish 500nr sandpaper if it is painted with mother of pearl metallic or otherwise requiring a strike at 600nr paper, but if you want to be sure that the scratches appearing then will delete 800nr . and sometimes after erasing, if deeper scratches left who do not clean, has a film and popcorn Filer strike, erasing the last out wet. Bumper ready for paint.

 painted front bumper.


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    • kapitula profile image

      kapitula 7 years ago from Lithuania

      informative and exhaustive


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