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Snow Plows Working Hard

Updated on February 8, 2012

How mad do you get at road maintenance crews when the snow is falling and your trying to keep your driveway clear? You travel down town and then you can’t parallel park on the side of the road because of all the snow that’s put in the way. What’s up with that?

I wake up in the morning and to my surprise there is 10 inches of snow on the ground and it’s still coming down. Time stamp is around 6 am. Okay that’s fine I have 4-wheel drive it’s not an issue. Now I need to get ready for work, then go outside and shovel the driveway. The way I clear the snow to prevent that big pile at the end of my driveway, is I pile it on the right side of my driveway as looking out to the road, and then on the left side of my driveway I clear an area as well. If you do this it gives an opportunity for most of the snow to come off the plow before your driveway and minimize the amount of snow piled up at the end of your driveway. Now this isn’t guaranteed, but it will help to minimize how much is put back. So I get that done; now find my truck under all that snow. Good, my truck is warming up the entire time and now it’s nice and warm. Time stamp is now around 7:30am. Go back in the house and say good by to my wife, warn her about said snow and off I go to work.

Well, side streets aren’t plowed, but that’s okay I have 4-wheel drive. As I continue my trek, I see that the main streets have had most snow cleared off of them. I don’t really think much of it at the moment. Now my travels to work require me to use the highway for a small stretch on my commute. Again, the highway has been plowed, I think awesome but not much else. Once I get into the town that I work in, and see that their streets aren’t fully plowed yet I think, what’s taking them so long. Time stamp is now around 9am. Still snowing but it is starting to get windy. Now when I say windy, I mean with winds gusting between 60kmh to 80kmh. The white out conditions are horrible, you can’t see out the windows. People driving can’t see the vehicle in front of them. This is not good. It is getting very dangerous to be out there. If you are walking you are okay as long as you are bundled up well enough. But driving not so much. Then around the corner comes the road maintenance crew clearing the road. Nice to see them working and getting the roads cleared, but they are fighting a losing battle. They clear the roads and 5 minutes later road is covered in snow being blown around by the wind.

Road crews just keep going at it to try and clear the roads so we can get to our jobs or what ever else we need to do. They may not be super quick, but these guys are truly awesome; think about it they work for 12 hours on and then get 12 hours off. Now skipping over a couple of days we are still getting snow and the wind is still blowing hard. The road crews are still going 12 hours on 12 hours off. They are clearing the roads under the worst conditions possible. Its got so bad school districts are closing down schools; some businesses close because the staff can’t make it to work. They close parts of the highway because it’s too dangerous to travel. But the road crews are still out there, they cannot call in and say I can’t make it to work. They just keep going. Sidewalks are covered in snow but my driveway is clear yet I have two large piles on either side of my driveway. When I think about just clearing my driveway and then how much they have to go through and how many roads they have to maintain. I realize how easy I have it and all I want to do is stop the driver and give him/her a coffee or hot chocolate and say thank you for making my commute safer and clearing the roads that we travel on.



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