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Steering Columns

Updated on October 24, 2013

Steering Columns For Restoration Projects

Hotrod and classic car restorers know that vintage car parts, such as steering columns, can be found through salvage yards and owners and through dealers of vintage and classic car parts. There are plenty of resources for restoration parts for muscle cars, hotrods and classic cars, because these vintage parts stay in high demand. Not only are vintage parts necessary for authentic restorations when taking on off-frame and classic kits projects, they are also invaluable to hotrod and custom car builders and restorers.

Hotrod builders put their heart and souls and money into designing and building custom rides, which usually result in saving a classic car shell or chassis from the scrap yard. Regardless of what the intentions are for building, restoring and customizing a classic car or truck, chasing down those hard to find original factory parts is part of the fun. In the end, the finished look, feel and sound of a classic or hotrod car makes it all worthwhile.

Steering Column
Steering Column

Vintage or New?

Standard vintage car part deals and dealers who specialize in a particular make of a car and truck steering part component are all good resources for these vintage parts. These venue sources can be found online and land-based. Regardless of the online or physical location of the dealer, such vintage parts like steering column parts, seats, door handles, interior and exterior mirrors and dashboard components are generally in plentiful supply.

Dealers of vintage and classic wheel column carry inventories for their cliental in their online shops and land-based businesses. These dealers carry vintage and classic car parts, OEM parts and NOS, as well as prefabricated hotrod and classic car parts. Finding a vintage steering part or whole column from a classic car part dealer is easier than scouring acres of cars in a junkyard. Dealers will find the part based on information like the make, model, year and sometimes the vehicle identification number (VIN).

Vintage Steering Columns
Vintage Steering Columns

Junkyards, Online & More...

Steering Columns and Steering Column Parts

Harder to discover vintage parts in, but more cost-effective, salvage yards and junkyards are treasure troves for original steering column vintage car and truck parts. Finding vintage and original interior parts such as steering wheel columns from these yards may prove difficult, yet rewarding, because the columns are usually found intact and in decent shape. Rarely in perfect or mint condition, steering components are valued for their origins and can get pretty pricey. Depending on the year, make and model of a steering column, it can be frustrating when resources for that particular car or truck wheel column are known to be scarce.

Sometimes the best places to find contacts for classic and vintage car parts end up being classic car shows, auctions and rallies. Hotrod and classic car enthusiast often attend these venues to specifically meet vendors and dealers. It may take months or years just to track down that one special vintage steering wheel part. It comes down to the dedication of staying true to a classic car or perfecting that hotrod customized one-of-a-kind ride, which feeds the need to find vintage parts.

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