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Tekonsha P3 Electronic Brake Controller Review

Updated on April 6, 2013

Tekonsha P3 Electronic Brake Control

The Tekonsha P3 Electronic Brake Control is a relative trailer brake device. It's smooth and evenly proportioned with quality LCD display aspects. This product also has the best multi-display features with simple diagnostic controls. In addition, consumer preferences played a role in driving manufacturers towards inventing this product.

Some key features of this brake controlling system are the dash-hugging body, unique mounting system and great wiring. Also available are special analytical features, wiring harness and warranty. Users can personalize their operating platform to incorporate various languages such as Spanish, English and French.

Tekonsha 90195 P3 Electronic Brake Control

This control is highly advanced but simple to understand as long as one reads the operations manual. It also has a special 'Boost' icon which permits for varying rates of braking. This apparatus has two main operation systems which are either electric or hydraulic brakes. Buyers are assured of a full warranty cover for all units purchased. Users would benefit from the 5 storage utility option that's integrated into the system. In addition, there's a flashing alert signal which shows users when their trailer brakes have been disconnected.

This product also has an automated G-Sensor which makes it quick, precise and very reliable. It works through sensing volume deceleration features and computing worthwhile voltage amount. The Tekonsha 90195 P3 Electronic Brake Control also has a multiple button interface with a 1.5'' liquid crystal display screen, plus a unique belly mounted user switch. Without connecting the main brakes it would show the default screen icon. But once these brakes have been connected through the clip plug, the unit would automatically show a 'Tow Screen' feature.

The Tekonsha P3 Trailer Brake Controller Is Easy To Use

Navigation Is Simple

Also available is an impressive sectional display feature with 10% maximum setup output, plus power output is roughly 25% the entire relay potential. There are four unique boost levels for trailer brakes which are Off-mode, LV One, Two and Three. This is a dynamic product with lots of uses.

The featured 'Page' platform takes only a few seconds to navigate, they also have three unique user systems which are either up, downward and boost icons. 'Backlight' feature also allows people to lighten or dim brightness of their devices. 'Color' icon allows you to activate shading features in whichever way you want. Default baseline tint is 'White' but there are other shades such as Magneta, DK Blue, Green and Violet. A vivid troubleshooting screen allows you to diagnose and reconstruct various integrated icons.

Tekonsha P3 Brake Control Demonstration

Points To Consider About the P3

Pros of the Tekonsha P3 Electronic Brake Control:

I) Discernible and distinctive LCD display mode with multi-select options

II) Hydraulic switches with simple diagnostic features

III) Compact and sleek design

IV) Unique patented boost aspects to adjust halt aspect

V) Distinct and high capacity storage pouch


It works best with high capacity vehicles.

Tekonsha P3 Electronic Brake Control Installation

Installation is quite simple and can be done in minutes. These products come with plug and activate wiring harnesses which are easy to use. Also available is the A 12V power input structure with frame ground capacity.

Find Your Electronic Trailer Brake Controller on Amazon

What Do You Think of the Tekonsha P3 Electronic Brake Control

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