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The Comprehensive Windshield Rack Guide

Updated on July 30, 2016

How to Buy a Windshield Rack

A windshield rack is an important tool for auto shops that specialize in auto glass repair. Compared to the other tools used by professional auto technicians, this product can be a hefty investment. Thus, it is crucial to understand the specific things to look for when browsing the different types of racks, even if the features seem fairly straightforward. In this article, you will learn about the factors to consider when purchasing an auto glass rack.

Number of Slots

Are you purchasing on behalf of an auto glass shop, distributor, or for yourself? Since the number of slots on an auto glass rack determines the number of auto glass pieces that can be supported, keep your needs in mind as you shop. Smaller glass storage units, such as 5 slot, or 5-lite, racks, hold only five pieces of glass, but they are easily transported from one location to another. Compare that with a 15-lite or 9-lite windshield rack, which hold fifteen or nine glass pieces each. These medium sized racks are still transportable via truck beds or vans, but they are much heavier to carry. Furthermore, some wholesalers even offer 25-lite and 30-lite auto glass racks. Imagine the amount of space needed to store and transport these large racks!

Because of its medium size, the 9-lite windshield rack tends to be popular among auto glass shops. Although each company has diverse needs, there are many types of auto racks in the market that will safely transport and store these essential pieces of glass for your windshield.

Sturdy Construction

Generally, a piece of windshield glass can be ten to thirty pounds in weight, so the rack must be sturdy enough to hold as many glass pieces as there are slots. The racks can be constructed from heavy gauge metal, which include steel or iron. The metal should be coated by a finish that is easy to care for, slows down daily wear, and protects against the elements.

Foam Padding

Even with robust construction, a windshield rack will not keep a piece of automobile glass safe unless the rack has extra foam padding to protect the glass. On a high quality auto glass rack, the foam is designed to support the glass piece and prevent it from moving during transport. In this way, the shock from bumps encountered on the road is absorbed within the foam, keeping the expensive windshield glass safe.

Windshield racks that feature foam padding may also have nonslip rubber strips on the bottom of the rack. These strips grip the bottom of a vehicle to reduce friction and decrease slippage when the transportation vehicle is in motion.

Finger Locks

Another important safety feature is the finger lock. Trucks and other vehicles that expose windshield racks to open air need a finger lock, which prevents the windshield glass from falling out of the rack. To use the finger lock, one simply rotates the lock on the top of the mast to hold windshields in place. For many an auto glass professional, these finger locks have ensured that windshields arrived safely at their destinations.

Buying windshield racks requires knowledge of the criteria mentioned above. The crucial factors in choosing a rack - number of slots, sturdy construction, foam padding, and finger locks - are important in selecting the best rack for your needs, whether you own an auto glass shop or work in one.

About Abi Auto Parts

For over 18 years, the professionals behind Abi Auto Parts have provided distribution of windshield racks, side view mirror glass, and quality auto glass tools to businesses around the world. With affordable prices and great customer service, Abi Auto Parts has maintained a trusted Top Rated Seller designation within eBay.

Connect with Abi Auto Parts to hear more about the auto industry and windshield glass tools. We look forward to hearing from you.

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