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The Edge Evolution Programmer for 2004-2008 Ford F-150 Review

Updated on August 26, 2012

My Review of the Edge Evolution Programmer for the Ford F-150

Hey Everyone! This page is about my experience with the Edge Evolution Programmer for the 2004 - 2008 Ford F-150. Tuning your truck is a great way to boost horsepower, torque, and even gain some MPG's when you're not smashing the pedal. Edge makes various programmers for many different make and model cars and trucks out there. One of the best moves I ever made was purchasing my Edge Programmer for my F-150 and the following will explain why. This is a picture of my truck, it is currently for sale for $11,000 here. It's a 2005 Ford F-150 Supercab XLT 2 wheel drive with the 3 Valve Triton 5.4 Liter V-8 and around 94,xxx miles with a Eonon 8" Car Touch Screen.

The Power of Tuners

Before I did any mods on my truck the first thing on my list was to get a programmer. I have always heard good things about chips and figured it was time for me to find out myself. I actually found my Edge Evolution with Pod and Cable off of Craigslist for $250 used. I talked the guy down to $200 and went to go pick it up. Remember that these tuners can only be used for one vehicle at a time. Once you install it into your Truck it locks itself to that specific truck. So once I got over to the guys house, I made sure he set his truck back to stock with the Edge before putting it in my truck. (Buying used can save you money but you always run the risk of it being locked to another vehicle) The edge comes with 3 "canned" tunes, these are called canned tunes because they are set by Edge. There are some other companies that can make a custom tune for your truck that I will get into later. The canned tunes go like this #1 87 Octane Transmission Tune (This tune will only adjust the shift points for your transmission and not actually give you any extra horsepower or torque). #2 is an 87 Octane Towing Tune (This one is obviously used for towing and gives you some added power to help you haul) #3 is an 91 Octane Performance Tune (My personal favorite, and this unleashes the greatest amount of horsepower and torque yet requires Premium 91 Octane Gas)

Installation of an Edge Evolution Programmer

Ready... Set... Tune!

Once I got the Edge in my Truck I tuned it to Level 3 and took her out for a test spin. Instantly I noticed firmer shifts and a better throttle response, to say the least I had a big smile on my face that day. I had never felt my Truck feel the way it did after I got the chip in, I had always thought my Truck seemed a little sluggish but the Edge Evolution really woke up my 5.4 Liter Triton V-8... I kept it tuned on Level 3 for the next 6 months and even though it boosted my MPG's by about 1 or 2 it was hard to not slam down on that pedal and race around. Another great feature with the Edge is the ability to time your 0 - 60 and change the parameters that are shown on the screen. I usually kept it on Instant MPG, Average MPG, RPM, and Exhaust Temp however there are dozens to choose from. You even have the ability to change the background color to any thing you can imagine. After about 6 months one day I got in my Truck and the Edge lit up but wasn't showing anything on the screen, the screen had gone blank and I didn't have a receipt so I was feeling pretty down on my luck. I called Edge and told them that an Ex-Girlfriend had bought it for me about a year ago from a Off-road store in San Diego (Total BS) and that I don't talk to her anymore and can't produce a receipt. They said no problem and had me ship it out to them, about two weeks later I got my Edge back with a new case, updated firmware, and a 100% perfect working Edge all for free. It was basically brand new; what awesome customer service!

By this time I had bought an aftermarket Airaid intake and a Flowmaster Super 44 Muffler to add to my arsenal on my black beauty. With these 04-08 5.4L F-150's, when you change the intake it makes the truck run lean and requires a custom tune or you can potentially harm your engine. A company by the name of Power Hungry Performance custom modifies these Edge Evo's into what they call the Gryphon. It sports a new black case and has the ability to custom tune to your specific aftermarket parts and driving style. I think I paid around $100 all said and done from PHP for my Gryphon and custom 91 Octane Performance tune. And boy when I got it back if I thought the original canned tunes were something, this upgraded Gryphon really pulled some more power out of that V-8 beast! I'm still riding happy to this day due to my Gryphon and other performance mods but the one that started it all was getting that Edge Evolution Programmer. Best $300 I've ever spent on my truck.

My Custom 2005 Ford F-150 for Sale - $11,000


Airaid (Re-badged Roush) Intake installed at 75,xxx miles with C.A.R.B. # (50 State Legal) +22 Horsepower / 32 ft-lb Torque

Flowmaster Super 44 Muffler (Aggressive tone) installed at 75,xxx miles

Edge Evolution Programmer (Upgraded to a Gryphon by Corey Cohran at Power Hungry Performance) +35 Horsepower / 45 ft-lb Torque

Custom 91 Octane Tune set for around sea level, specefically tuned for the intake and exhaust for maximum horsepower + up to 2 MPG's better than stock


TruFiber Functional Dual Ram Air Hood

Blacked Out Harley Davidson Headlights with Clear Corners

10,000K HID's with Ballast's Crazy Bright!

4" Single Black Chrome Exhaust Tip

Black Mesh Grill

$1,200 Leer Hardtop Tonneau Cover painted to match the factory black paint, carpeted on the inside (Just purchased in January 2011)

Interior (Has a purple L.E.D theme, kind of wanted like a black light stealth helicopter look to it)

Pod Mount for the Gryphon Programmer, Set color to Purple but can easily be changed.

Custom Push Button Start Cigarette Lighter (Turn the keys than press the cigarette lighter to start the truck, also has a "valet" switch behind the dash so the truck will start normally with the key if you wanted it to, but push button starts are just awesome in my opinion)

Purple LED Map and Dome lights (I have purple LED's to swap into the gauge cluster but have not done that yet, they will come with the auction but not installed)

8" Flip Out Screen Deck courtesy of an Eonon D1305 Headunit, "The transformer" It comes out then rotates 90* then folds up then goes back in against the dash so it can be 8" instead of the common 7" in-dash screen.

5X7 Polk Momo MMC570 Speakers in all 4 doors (Best sounding speakers I've ever had, retail for $175 a pair)

Speakers are Powered by a JBL GTO504 4-channel Amp (This thing works amazingly with the Polk Momo's)

2 10" Rockford Fosgate Punch Subs in a custom box that fits underneath the rear seat (one of the subs does not work so it is not connected, still bumps with 1 but I would recommend buying another cheap Fosgate sub or replacing both with better ones because the amp can handle it)

Phoenix Gold Xenon 400.1 Mono Amp for the subs (Currently pushing just the 1)

Both amps are mounted and wired professionally up against the rear of the cab behind the seat.


Ground Force 2" Drop Coils in the Front

Custom Flip Kit in the Rear to drop it 6"

Toxic Drop Shocks

Wheel/Tire Combo

22" Tyfun 703 Chrome Rims with a deep 4.5" Lip (15,000 miles on them)

305/40/22 Sunny Tires all around

Still have the stock 17's with little bit of tread just in case


A lot of major maintenance has been done fairly recently, at 75,xxx miles I had the suspension installed, at the same time they replaced all the spark plugs with platinum ones, rotors resurfaced, platinum brake pads, transmission service. Of course the oil and fuel filters have been changed out regularly, oil changed with Royal Purple Full Synthetic 5w-20 about 2500 miles ago. This truck is my baby and has been treated like one since day one. The only bad issues with the truck are the fact that the hood and fender were not painted professionally so it looks pretty good but does not match the OEM paint exactly. And there is a ripple dent in the rear driver side of the bed, I have been quoted at less than $200 to pop it out with a paintless repair. Has a crack in at the bottom of the windshield, it's been like that for nearly 3 years cause its out of the way and I never think about it. The paints not perfect, the truck is going on 94,xxx miles so there are some knicks here and there but overall the truck looks and drives great, gets a lot of attention, sounds mean, fast for a 150, and the 22's still shine up real well. I also have all the original intake and suspension and exhaust if you ever wanted to bring this truck back to stock, which would be a shame but if you buy it its your truck and you can do with it what you please.

Questions and Comments Send to

(Might accept a trade but I wouldn't count on it)

I also have a bagged and body dropped 1972 Chevy C-10 for sale for $11,000 as well with a 400/400 combo, tunnel ram, dual carbs, lays rocker front to back.


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