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The reasons to buy a Honda Civic

Updated on October 31, 2014

So you want to know why you should buy a Honda Civic?

The Honda Civic is one of the longest running production cars of all time and when you take a close look at the Honda Civic it is easy to see why. This medium sized Japanese car is associated with reliability, quality and (since the 7th generation model) style and street cred. Any current Honda Civic is a great car, and the top of the range Type R is one of the best hot hatch cars ever made.

This article is dedicated to the Honda Civic and provides reasons why you should buy this great car. In fact, this article describes why you need to buy a Honda Civic. It makes no difference whether you are a young driver who has recently passed their test, a single guy looking for a great ride, a mother who needs a car to do the school run or a retired person who needs some wheels to remain mobile, there is a Honda Civic that will suit you.

So, What are the reasons to buy a Honda Civic?

Now you know a bit about the Honda Civic and its history, you must be asking the question "Why would I want to buy a Honda Civic?" Well, you've come to the right section, and the reasons for buying a Civic include.......................................

1. The Honda Civic is Japanese

The first reason for buying a Honda Civic is the fact it is Japanese. The Japanese are re-knowned for building cars that are are of exceptional quality that will run, and run, and run. The Japanese don't make cars that are as solidly built as German cars, such as BMW or Audi, nor do the Japanese build cars with luxurious interiors like the Brits do, the Japanese do, however, build cars with engines that are tough, durable and bullet proof.

Just because Japanese cars aren't as solid as German cars or as luxurious as some British cars, it doesn't mean Japanese cars are poorly made and uncomfortable at all. Oh no, the build quality and interior of Japanese cars are more than adequate for the needs of most people, and if oyu buy a Japanese car you won't be disappointed, it's just that there are other manufacturers that do better.

One area where the Japanese wins hands down is in the engine department. Japanese engines are bullet proof. Period. After all, how many countries do you know who can build a small 1600cc engine that can produce 185bhp at a 8200 rpm? or a 200cc engine that can produce 200bhp? The first engine was the workhorse of the Honda Civic Mk6 Type R and the second is the work horse of the Honda Civic Mk8 Type R.

If you take the engine, interior and build quality together the Japanese offers the best package for the best price for normal everyday people. Japanese produced cars are the way forward and a Honda Civic is a great choice.

2. The Honda Civic is just the right size

Choosing the ideal size car is difficult. On the whole, large vehicles are impractical. Large vehicles are difficult to fit in to small spaces, they are difficult to move around and they are difficult to park. In addition, many drivers who own large vehicles are perceived to be bullies who force other road users off the road. When people see a large vehicle trying to turn out of a side road and join the main many won't let it out. It is as though many drivers have a personal vendetta against drivers of large vehicles. The Honda Civic is not a large vehicle so you won't experience any of this victimisation or these problems.

Small cars are also impractical for every day use. When you own a car you want to be able to carry some luggage right? Similarly, you want to be able to go and get the weekly groceries right? You want to be able to take your partner and kids for a day out or treat your mates to a day out right? Well, with a small car you are not going to be able to do these things.

The Honda Civic, being a medium sized car, is the perfect size. It is small enough to be classed as a "normal"sized car, it is small enough to easily park and it is small enough to easily maneouvre. However, it is large enough to take a out a group of mates, large enough to take your partner and kids shopping and large enough to pack all your gear and go on vacation.

Yep, the Honda Civic is the ideal sized car, which is another reason for you to buy one.

3. The Honda Civic is cheap to run

On the whole, the honda Civic is an economical car that will give good miles per gallon and won't cost a fortune to run although the precise miles per gallon will depend on the exact type of Honda Civic you own and the way you drive it. For example, a Honda Civic Type R driven hard and fast will obviously drink more gas than a 1.4 Honda Civic driven sensibly. Honda Civics are very economical though and you will achieve good mpg.

Does the Honda Civic give the best mpg? The Hond Civic gives better mpg than many cars that are smaller, and hence impractical, such as the Smart car. That's right, if you drive a Honda Civic, which is a perfect sized car, you will get more miles per gallon than if you drive a Smart car, which is small and totally impractical. Which one would you choose? I'm guessing the Honda Civic right?

4. The Honda Civic is cheap to insure

Leaving out the Honda Civic Type R, the Hoda Civic is a cheap car to insure for use on the public highway. The exact price you pay for insurance will obviously depend on the precise model of Civic you drive, as well as your own personal circumstances, such as your age, where you live, your profession, your driving history, the amount of no claims bonus entitlement etc. etc. However, the Honda Civic is in a low insurance group.

In order to get the cheapest auto insurance for your Civic you need to get on one of the many insurance price comparison websites, of which there are loads. No matter what country you live in, there will be at least one insurance comparison website you can use to get cheap auto insurance. The insurance comparison websites are quick, easy and simple to use. All you ned to do is complete the online application form (which takes around 10 minutes) and hit the "get quotes" button. With a few minutes you will be presented with several different quotes that you can review and compare at your own leisure. Auto insurance comaprison websites not only save you a load of money, but also a lot of time as well.

5. Honda Civic parts are readily available

Because the Honda Civic is such a popular car there are thousands of them all over the world. The popularity means there are a vast number of parts, spares and accessories that are reasonably priced. If you need a part for a Honda Civic the chances are it will be in stock at your nearest dealer, or if the item you want is not in stock you will be able to get it delivered in a few days. If you drive a more "special" car and that is more unique and rare, you will find that many spares and accessories have to specifically ordered in, a process that can take weeks and will also end up costing you a lot of money. Even the basic spares for "special" cars have to be ordered in.

As there are loads of Civics on the road there are also many manufacturers of pattern parts, spares and accessories, i.e. those that are not made by the Honda factory. Pattern parts are often much cheaper than genuine Honda parts, although they last as long and are just as good. Buying pattern [arts definitely reduces the overal costs of owning a car.

There are loads of places to get Honda Civic spares, parts and acessories including both physical shops and online shops. There is a lot of choice for the consumer and a lot of competition for the retailers, which only benefits Civic owners as the parts are even cheaper. A good source of Honda Civic parts is Ebay Motors. The problem is that ebay and ebay Motors has a reputation for having some dishonest sellers, therefore you do need to exercise a bit of care and caution when buying your Civic parts.

6. A Honda Civic is easy to modify

If you want a car that is easy to modify the Honda Civic is the car for you. Look online and search for "modify Honda" or something similar and you will find loads of websites that sell big bumpers, side skirts, spoilers, full body kits, wheels and rims, performance tires, engine mods, stereo equipment, amplifiers and any other modifcation accessory you can think of.

You will also find the websites of various garages that specialise in "pimping" and modifying Honda Civics. If you take your Civic to one of these garages you can pay a professional to modify your Civic exactly how you want it. Using a professional is going to cost a lot of money, and this money is not going to be recvoered when you sell the Civic on, but if you use a specialist your Civic is going to look uber cool when it is fully modified.

Modified Honda Civic video footage

Here's one for all you modified car fans and boy racers. Some modified cars look simply awful, howevr this one doesn't. It looks sleek, stylish and simply awesome. This is how a modified car should look.

How to pimp your Honda Civic

When pimping a Honda Civic the first thing to look at is the body work. The body work on the sporty Civics look good and make the Civic look mean but if you really want to make your Civic look aggressive you need to add some additional body work. A rear spoiler, different headlights and tail lights and modified mirrors are a good place to start but for the ultimate you need larger bumpers and side skirts, i.e. a full body kit

After the body kit it is time to get some new modified rims

and then slam the car down using lowering springs . A lowered Honda Civic has tighter suspension and feels tight on the road. A lowered Honda Civic handles way better and is more responsive but it doesn't ride the bumps as well as a standard Civic, but this really doesn't matter.

A mean looking Civic is all well and good but it is all in vain if you don't tune the mechanics for more speed and power. The obvious place to start is to buy a performance muffler although for the ultimate gain you need to consider using a performance chip and playing around with the electronics.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a Civic owner check out this t-shirt. Whilst it may look dull and boring you have to appreciate that this t-shirt is a blank canvas that contains the basic design (a cartoon style Honda Civic) only.

This t-shirt is fully customizable and you can change the color (there are several to choose from), add some text (you can choose whatever you want) and add a photograph (of the driver perhaps?). With this t-shirt you can let your creative juices run wild and create the perfect gift t-shirt (i.e. unique and totally tailored) for the Honda Civic driver.

So, forget about the dull and boring "standard" Honda Civic t-shirts and go and check this one out.

Modified car coffee mug by yackerscreations

This Honda Civic mug is the perfect gift for those Civic drivers that need a bit of a caffeine hit. Sure, there are plenty of different Civic related mugs out there but how many of them allow you to fully tailor the mug to your specific requirements? I would say hardly any, if any at all.

Well, this mug contains the basic Civic design and gives you the option to add some text (you get to choose) and even add an image, so you can really "pimp" this mug. This design is also available on a variety of different mugs of all sizes, so everyone from the larges coffee drinker to the smallest coffee drinker is catered for.

Here we have the perfect gift for the Civic driving BBQ master. Whilst the image shows the main Civic design on a plain white apron, which I agree isn't that exciting, you need to realize that this apron is fully customizable and you can add your own text or images, so you can get a fully unique apron. Now how many places do you know of that operates this kind of service?

This really is an excellent gift for letting all your friends and family know how proud of your Civic you are at those BBQs and backyard cookouts.

Alternatively, you may just want to wear it around the kitchen (to protect your Honda Civic t-shirt perhaps?) when cooking or doing the dishes.

7. There is a Honda Civic owners club

You may be wondering how an owners club is beneficial. Well, the active members on the owner club forum eat, sleep and breathe Honda Civic. If you want to know about anything to do with Honda Civics this is the place to start.

Want to know where to get the latest Honda Civic accessory? Want to know when the next Honda Civic rally in your area is? Got a technical problem and want to know how to fix it? Want to know how to modify your Civic? Do you want to install a mega stereo system in your Civic? Do you want to buy a used Honda Civic? YOu can get the answer to these questions, and many more besides, by looking through the Honda Civic owners club website. The website is a very useful resource that could end up saving you an absolute fortune.


8. There is a Honda Civic to suit all tastes

One of the best things about the Honda Civic is that there is a model for everybody. No matter what your age, what your circumstances or what your preferences are, you will find a Honda Civic that is perfect for you.

The Honda Civic is available in a number of different engine sizes form 1400cc right through to 2000cc. The Honda Civic is available in many different "trims", such as the SE, SE-T, SI, TI, SIT, ES, ES-T, EX GT, CI and the awesome Type R. Honda Civics are also available in manual and automatic transmissions and petrol or diesel. As you can see, the range is huge, so you definitely will be able to find a perfect Civic for you.

Do you drive a Honda Civic? Please share your experience and tell the world why you love your Civic so much. Brief details about the precise model you drive would be interesting, but it is not essential. So come on all you Civic drivers use the box below to say why the Civic is such a fantastic car.

The utimate Honda Civic - The Type R

No article would be complete without specifically mentioning the Honda Civic Type R. With aggressive styling and performance to match, this 2000cc 200bhp monster has gained a cult following and it is easy to see why. This is the car that all Honda civic drivers dream of owning. This is the hot hatch to have and, currently, there is nothing better. A truly awesome machine.

A review of the Civic Type R

So you want to buy a Honda Civic Type R? A very good choice, there. However, I am a Honda Civic enthusiast and not an expert so what do I know? If you want a second opinion, from an industry expert on just how awesome the Honda civic Type R is you had better check out this video.

If you have any comments, thoughts or ideas and want to note them down please feel free to do so here.

Calling all Honda Civic owners

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I have own a 2000 model CXI Civic hatch. Why? Because it is a cheap, sturdy and fun car to drive. I also love its simplicity. I love it period.

    • CrossCreations profile image

      Carolan Ross 

      6 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      Just bought a Honda Civic, older model - 2003, bought it from my neighbor, an 80 year old man who bought it new and doesn't drive much. Love it!

    • MartieG profile image

      MartieG aka 'survivoryea' 

      6 years ago from Jersey Shore

      My husband had a Civic back in the day and loved that car! He drove it for years-great little workhorse :>)

    • ajgodinho profile image

      Anthony Godinho 

      6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      I really like Honda cars and own a 2008 Honda Civic. In the past 20 years, I've owned 3 cars: Nissan, Ford, and Honda. I like Honda the best. I especially like the new models that came out in 2008. I like the "look and feel" and its exceptional performance.

    • intermarks profile image


      6 years ago

      Honda Civic is one of my favorite starting from my father's MK2 to now my own MK7.

    • LadyelenaUK profile image


      6 years ago

      Lovely. I quite like the Honda Civic - particularly the make in the photo in yellow, but would like one in metallic blue. Interesting& useful Lens, Thanks.

    • LornsA178 profile image


      6 years ago

      My husband bought me a 2000 Honda Civic EX for my first car (I just learned how to drive then). I came from the Phils. did not drive until I came in the US. Honda is a reliable car. We save hundreds of dollars from gas expenses, it is a very economical car. It's been 11 years, we still have our Honda Civic. We like it a lot.


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