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The Birds and the Bees of Platinum Scarcity

Updated on October 19, 2011

The Birds and the Bee’s of Platinum Scarcity

In 2010 a young man of about 45ish came to our house in Marion, Illinois. He was looking for catalytic converters, alternators, starters, but mostly catalytic converters. He bought all that we had lying around whether they were working or not. He left us with a more than reasonable sum of money in our hands. We could not believe our good luck that day.

We had gotten the junk parts because my husband junks old cars and he was saving these parts for the junk yard. At that point we couldn’t help but wonder how could we do this again? We did not find out right away because these types of deals are not public knowledge. I do hope that will change as I write this story. Not because I want money (which I do) but because you don’t forget how you make money in a bad economy.

About six months later, our interest was peaked again as we learned that other people were also looking for catalytic converters and were willing to pay higher sums of money than this man had paid us. So we began to look for catalytic converters and as we did, we were wondering what it was that made them so valuable. What we learned was extremely valuable information to say the least. The information was so valuable that it boggles the mind.

What we learned was that catalytic converters have a secret ingredient placed in them when they are made. That inside the catalytic converter is a precious rare metal that is so rare that it is only found in the bushveld complex north of Pretoria, South Africa, the noril’sk nakh region of Siberia in Russia which produce two thirds and one quarter of the world’s platinum, the secret ingredient found in catalytic converters. What platinum is that it is a silver white like metallic element usually mixed with other metals such as irridium, osmium, or nickel it is also ductile, malleable and does oxidize in air. Platinum is also used as a catalyst for electrical components. Platinum is listed as a very rare metal and has become very valuable and in widespread use in our world of today

In the automotive industry alone, platinum is a primary ingredient in automotive catalysts that control vehicle exhaust emissions of hydro carbons, carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen and particulites. Autocatalysts convert most of these auto emissions into less harmful carbon dioxide. This is a virtual plus for our entire planet. I believe that it also lessens the effect of acid rain.

Platinum scarcity itself is what makes it so valuable with demand certain to rise as supply and demand increases in a world which is demanding for automobile industry to combat air pollution. Platinum will undoubtably be a fine precious metal to invest in as we use it in Jewelry, the medical industry, automotive ventures, dentistry, electroplating, dishes, surgical pins, petroleum and chemical refining catalysts and the even the computer.

Platinum value in each catalytic converter is about 3 to 7 grams in each converter. Its uses are growing and demand is growing higher. As the demand for platinum, grows each day so also does the price for platinum. I, seriously wish you happy platinum hunting.


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