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Thrush Mufflers Products Review

Updated on June 5, 2015
Rumbler muffler
Rumbler muffler | Source

Make Your Hot Rods Hotter!

Although there are so many, there are only three principal functions of car mufflers:

  1. Filtering the disposal gasses. The mufflers are equipped with catalytic converters which convert toxic carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide and water vapor.
  2. Increasing engine performance. Aftermarket mufflers provide back pressure. It is appropriate in order to produce optimum engine power. That's why most people trying to replace their standard mufflers with the aftermarket one.
  3. Reducing noise and providing "melodious sound". It depends on the mufflers model. The voice that came out of it probably be low, loud up to ear splitting-roar.

If you want to replace your obsolete car muffler and have all three functions above you need Thrush. It gets deep muscle-car tone to your classic vehicle.

There are several Thrush muffler types in the markets; Mad Hot, Turbo, Welded, Glasspack. Here, I provide you those products with the reasonable price which will create your car king of the road!

Which types of Thursh mufflers do you want to have?

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How To Choose The Best Mufflers for Your Cars?

Choosing a fit muffler for the car sometimes is easier said than done. The wrong picking could reduce three mufflers' principal functions above even miss them. Here are guidelines for you:

  • Match your taste and the price. Sometimes, the taste and the price can not run together. If your taste is high but you do not have sufficient funds, you will get nothing. But, currently, you can find in the market many low-end performance mufflers with a price $40 to $80 to satisfy your taste.
  • Choose the size and design that suit your car. Make sure that your new mufflers' diameter is same with the old one. commonly, there are three size of muffler diameters in the market, 3”, 3.5” and 4”. The bigger muffler diameter your car has the more it needs the fuel.
  • Consider the durable materials to avoid corrosion. Whether you choose aluminum or stainless steel depending on your money. Aluminized mufflers are cheaper than stainless-steel one.

1. Thrush Mad Hot Mufflers

Thrush Mad Hot Muffler
Thrush Mad Hot Muffler | Source


Hot Mad 17931
Inlet Diameter
2.250 in
Overall Length
18.500 in
Shell Diameter
4.250 x 9.750 in

Thrush introduced a new product mad hot or super turbo muffler. Red Powder Coat finish gives this tri-flow product easily recognizable and flashy style without sacrificing performance and power, instead it keeps this muffler against corrosion.

Made of 100% fully alumunized steel construction, this product enhances performance and durability. There are many sizes available in the store to help you determine which one is appropriate to your vehicle exhaust system. Moreover, the muffler is reversible which gives flexibility in installation.

The sound is no doubt. Tri-flow design makes the sound deep growl and beautiful enough to hear.

2. Thrush Turbo Mufflers

Thrush Turbo Muffler
Thrush Turbo Muffler | Source

Other Best Thrush Turbo Mufflers


Turbo 17715
Inlet Diameter
2.500 in
Overall Length
18.500 in
Shell Diameter
4.250 x 9.750 in

For the Turbo, I suggest you to choose a 17715 series. It has a good rating on Amazon and positive comments from customers. Whatsoever anyone said, it is durable because made of aluminum, though not as a steel. In addition to that, this turbo muffler is quite sturdy but rather heavy.

Compared with other mufflers on the market, 17715 is relatively small, but easy to install. It is also well-matched with many kinds of existing applications.

This Thursh product series has no ear splitting-roar, it is not suitable for those who want more rumble. But for those who crave melodic and mellow tone, it might be the best choice. It is guaranteed not going to disturb your fussy neighbors.

Price is fairly cheap comparing with the quality of the sound produced. It is around $25.97 - $30.99

3. Thrush Welded Mufflers

Thrush Welded Mufflers
Thrush Welded Mufflers | Source


Welded 17656
Inlet Diameter
2.500 in
Overal Length
1.900 in
Shell Diamater
4.000 x 9.500 in

For Thursh this series product, I suggest you to buy 17656. Fully welded, therefore it is extremely sturdy and well suited for the truck.

This product is fairly cheap, made ​​of thick metal and 100% aluminized to prevent corrosion and to extend durability. The price is cheap, nevertheless the quality is impressive.

The voice is great. Made of two-chamber design causes it deep and loud enough but not too annoying on the highway, barely heard from inside the cabin, unless you get the gas or exit the car. Nice and quite. Not in vain for the $30 price muffler!

#3. Thrush Glasspack Mufflers

thrush glasspack muffler
thrush glasspack muffler | Source


GlassPack 24205
Inlet Diameter
2.250 in
Overall Lenght
3.100 in
Shell Diameter
3.500 in

Thrush 24205 Glass Pack Muffler has a straight-through design to serve maximum flow and power. It has a heavy-gauge shell for maximum durability and upgradable bushings for custom applications. It is red painted, and will continue to shine, although being installed a year before.

Using Continuous Roving Fiberglass (CRF) technology, this product mutes unwanted interior resonance. Therefore, the sound is powerful but not too loud, just loud enough to make heads turn.

Tell the world about you car's mufflers!

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