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top ten sports bikes of 2009/10

Updated on October 27, 2009

Which are the fastest super bikes???

First of all we come to the defination of a motor bike which is defined as A motorbike is a motor vehicle having two number of seating capacity with only two wheels.

The first motorcycle was built by two German inventors GOTTLAIB DAIMLER and WiLLHalm MAYBACH in 1885 since 1905.

There are three major types of motorcycle: street, off-road, and sports bike.

IN this article, I specially tell you about the top most sports bike and some of their feature. Top ten sports bikes of 2009 are as follows….

1.Suzuki Hayabusa GSX 1300R
The HAYABUSA GSX1300R is no.1 ranked sports bike in 2009.It has a speed of 304km/h, having a weight of about 220kg. Its estimates price is near about 11,988$.

 2. Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 Monster Energy
 Kawasaki ninja bikes are popular in every corner of the world. It has speed of 299km/h that’s why it is ranked after Hayabusa. Its average price is 12,000$.


3. MV Agusta F4 RR 312 1078
This MV AGUSTA has recorded an equal speed as Kawasaki ninja . Its acceleration is  0-100km/h in just 3 seconds. It is too much costly as its price is 28000 $.



4. Ducatti 1198

The DUCATI 1198 is a simple and famous sports bike. Its recorded speed is almost 298km/h & Its estimated price in 2009 is near about $20,985.



5.    Yamaha YZF-R1
 SPEED wise rank of Yamaha yzf r-1 is 5 because its rpeed ranges till 297km/h.It is a solid looking sportsbike having acceleration 0-100km/h in just 2.7 sec. Its dry weight is 190kg.


6.      Bimota DB7 Oronero
It is the first bike with carbon fiber frame with a light weight of 164Kg . Biomata has a speed of 295km/h but is very much expensive due to less weight, its estimated price is near about 52000 $.




7.      Honda CBR 1000RR
It is a best performing sports bike having a maximum recorded speed is about 290km/h. Its weight is near about 198 kg. It can reach from0 to 100 in 2.9 sec. Its estimated price is 12,985 $.



8.      Aprilia RSV 1000
It is an Italian sports bike with a dry weight of 184kg. Its engine is too much powerful having a top speed of 279km/h.its estimated price is 17,989 $.




9.BMW K 1300 S
 It is one of the famous brand bike of 2009 having a rank of 9 in top ten sports bikes. It has a top speed of 252 km/h. its estimated price is near about 16,600 $.





10.Buell 1125CR
It is ranked at the last in the top ten super bikes in the world. It has a weight of near about 170kg. Its top speed is250km/h with an estimated price of 14,994 $.


Its all about top ten sports bike of 2009. I hope you will enjoy and give me positive feed back. Thanks


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    • tectonic profile image

      tectonic 6 years ago from Singapore

      Superb nuggets of info that you have made. Thanks for this.

    • 801kirkums2000 profile image

      801kirkums2000 8 years ago from Salt Lake City, Utah

      Where did you get your information from for your results? I would say depending on which market area the tests were done in you will get different results on the order of those bikes. I do have to say that they will all be very similar in the orders though on any test done. Every bike performs different from one another and depending on who is riding the bike it will perform differently for each person riding the same bike because of rider weight, skill and the confidence of the rider. The other thing to consider is that one bike may out corner another bike but in a straight line will lose to the one it out cornered. I do like this post though!