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David Letterman or Stephen Colbert?

Updated on July 21, 2016

Rough start

Let me clarify something from the start- I'm not about to diss on the new Late Show host Stephen Colbert, because I honestly think he's doing a good job and he deserves to be the host. Still, I found myself enjoying it less and less after Letterman retired, and I don't think that happened because Stephen would be bad- I loved the guy on the Daily Report, where his character reached its peak. His battles with Bill O'Reilly are amazing and hilarious, you should check them out if you hadn't already. He was the perfect candidate for a news anchor on a public network and no restrictions on their views. Jon Stewart was the captain of that ship and he managed to get it through all kinds of storms. Many people found their opinions too provocative, which is true in a way, but everyone keeps forgetting that Stephen Colbert wasn't a politician, nor was anyone else on the team. They were news anchors who informed their public on the latest news in politics and nothing beyond that. Comedians in general share this problem, especially with provocative jokes.

David Letterman was a totally different character on screen. He also talked about politics a lot, but there was something about his way of talking that made that show in his era. He became the symbol for a talk-show host by being himself on stage, which is probably very hard to do, and you have to actually be an interesting guy to make it work. Dave was all of that and it showed through his interviews a lot. He made many relationships by interviewing famous people and he could bring a lot out of celebrities that are usually more quiet. He went on to work there for many years until he finally decided to call it quits and he passed the torch to Stephen Colbet.

Future of TV

Stephen came to the world of Late Night with high expectations, but I guess the different format of the show does require some practice. For one, Stephen has a lot of trouble with some of his guests in my opinion. I noticed that when he interviewed Anna Kendrick a while back, that there were a few awkward silences and even more awkward body movements. I know that Anna was quite a challenge to Stephen and I instantly thought of Letterman and the times when he interviewed similar guests. His famous cursing Madonna interview was a good example of how to make an annoyed superstar funny and exciting even though it could go so wrong. The Paris Hilton interview after she got out of jail was another hilarious case. He asked her about her meals in prison and ended up drinking her new perfume, which is another classic Dave moment.

I am sure that Colbert will improve a lot in short time. Having said that, it's still hard to believe he will top Letterman (and no, I don't like the new band that much, or the chemestry they have with Stephen). I wish him all the luck, but I liked him better as his previous character, which was so energetic and funny. John Oliver, who was another member of the Daily Report, decided to start the Last Week Tonight show on HBO, which is great. It is so obvious that he is still being his true self and the comedy keeps getting better and better. I think he is very similar to Colbert and he would probably do a similar job on Late Night as well. I think it would shut his character down, because that is just what they need for a more serious show with big ratings.


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