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Sell your Toyota Corolla

Updated on January 23, 2009

How I Sell my Cars

Well I mostly own Toyotas because to me they are very reliable easy to repair. You can usually find new or used parts for the cars, they can be modified to get better gas milage. That is if you dont have a real new one. I modified my Toyota to get 50 miles to the gallon. They have always started for me. Warm weather or cold they have never left me stranded. I repeat never.

When I do have to repair them. It is normaly easy. I get the book from the library or buy one. Look up the symptoms and figure it out. If I cannot repair it at least I can go to the mechanic looking like I am not an idiot. You have heard the people go to the shop telling the mechanic that their car is making a weird noise and they dont know what it is. Avoid this behavior and do your home work it will save you thousands in the long run.

The only time I have had to repair my Toyota is when I did something to it that made it dis functional. Yes it was my fault. Anyway to sell your Toyota Craigslist works very well. Be sure and accept cash from the buyers and sell the car as is. Ebay works even better to sell your Toyota. Right now you dont have to pay to list your car on ebay. Until it sells. When it does sell you pay $125.00 US. Thats a great deal. I am selling my Corolla up there right now.

Now you may ask if I think Toyotas are so great Why would I sell it? I am selling mine because I couldnt take it with me ;-)

If you are interested you can read the article on how I made my Toyota get 50 miles to the gallon.


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  • profile image

    ESAHS 9 years ago

    "Well!" " I am thinking about buying a new car and it might be a Toyota because they are good on gas!" "I know I am dying for a sports model but I have not made my final decision yet!"

    "Great hub a lot of sensiable information!"

    CEO E.S.A.H.S. Association